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Importing an Outlook 2000 .pst into Outlook Express 5

I have an Outlook 2000 .pst file that I want to import into Outlook Express 5.

Whenever I try to import it, I get a "Messages can not be imported from the MAPI client" error message right after I select the client (on the Import -> Messages screen).

I no longer have Outlook 2000 on my system.

What do I do?
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During the import process, OE needs to be able to use Outlook 2000 to access the pst file.  During the import process, when you select to import from Outlook, OE then looks for an Outlook profile to use.  If more then one profile is setup you will get a prompt to select the appropriate Outlook profile.  The profile tells OE which pst file to access. Without Outlook installed on the system you will not be able to import that pst file into Outlook Express.

Just a little addition...

In order to process the PST file you need one of the following installed. Outlook 97, 98, 2000 or Windows Messaging. (Note: Windows Messaging comes w/ Win9x and NT4.)

If you go the route of Windows Messaging, the messages will be accessable to you, but the contacts, calendar, .etc will not because they are of a different type.

Hope this helps...
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Is it possible to download Windows Messaging from Microsoft?
I believe they removed it because it was never tested for Y2K, but you should find WMS.EXE (Windows Messaging distribution) on any Win98 CD under \tools\oldwin95\message\<int or us> (it is part of the O/S under Win9x and NT4).

Actually, I found a download for it at Microsoft.  However, it cautions against installing it if you already have Outlook (Express) installed since it installs an older MAPI client (or something like that).

Therefore I am reluctant to install it.

If I knew it was possible to reinstall Outlook Express, I would give it a try;  that is, if it is possible for Windows Messaging to *export* to a format readable by Outlook Express, as I want to continue using Outlook Express.  I do not want to install the full Outlook again because I found that program to be kind of a nuisance.

Do you have any more advice?
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Thanks.  I'll try that.
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Thanks.  I'll try that.