PCL XL Error

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What does this mean?  I was printing fine and now I am getting this error. I can't figure out what I did wrong.  This is the error:
Subsystem:  KERNEL
Error:  IllegalStreamHeader
Operator:  0x0
Position: 0
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PCL stands for "Printer Command Language", a standard language for some printers (HP line).

¿What brand and model your printer is? ¿What OS are you using?


Hp 8100 and I am using Windows NT
It sounds as a bad PCL command received by the driver, but it's really very strange.

¿Has your printer worked before? ¿did you make any change since then? ¿What happens when you print a test page?

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I would download the most recent driver from www.hp.com, don't use the drivers provided by MS if applicable.
Does this problem occure on all print jobs or just one specific one, in that case isn't the file corrupt ??




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Thanks, I looked over it again this morning. I had made a change to the resultset loop and I didn't think it had anything to do with the PCL, but when I took it out it started printing again. Thanks.

Well, thanks 4 the points...

PS: ¿could you tell us what were the changes you made?


I am having the same problem.  I get a variety of PCL XL errors when printing multi-page documents from the web.

They all say:
Subsystem:  KERNEL
Error:           IllegalOperatorSequence
Operator:    [Error message varies]
Position:      [Varies]

My OS: Windows 98.  Printer:  HP LaserJet 4000TN used across an Ethernet network.

I downloaded new HP drivers, version today -- it didn't help.

You could email me at rknudson@netscape.net

Robert Knudson

I am having the exact same problem with an HP LJ 4050 printer.  MS Word, Excel, Outlook all have the same error when I print a file that has more than one page. I have other machines with the exact same setup but they work fine.

I don't undersatnd how what roshetoye means by "resultset loop".  Can anyone explain please.  Your help is greatly appreciated.


I am not having the problem as often now.  I don't know what I did.
I know these postings are a bit old but I recently had a PCL XL Error on an XP machine and an HP 4200 network printer and thought it might be worth updating.  

I tried re-installing the printer driver and downloading the latest PCL driver but neither worked.  I did get it to work by using an HP laserjet 4 driver but was not satisfied since i thought I may be missing something by not having the correct driver.  

I ended up deleting the specific printer driver folder under C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers.  Then I re-installed the correct PCL driver and everything worked Like a charm.
One of my users received the error message when attempting to print from several applications.

PCL XL error
Subsystem: KERNEL
Error: IllegalStreamHeader
Operator: 0x0
Position: 0

Hardware/Software details;
Dell Optiplex GX270 running Win2000/SP4 connected to an HP 4050N over an ethernet network.

Others printing to the same printer were unaffected.

Rebooting the PC corrected the problem (for the moment?).
PCL XL is the pcl6 subset, I believe.
Using a PCL 5e driver (if available) will avoid the problem (it seems that not all printers fully support PCL6)

I am having a simular problem with HP4250's networked using HP jet directs 170x, happens with both XP pro and Win 98.  I have treid downloading the latest drivers from hp, pcl 6, pcl5 and ps.  So far the ps drivers have given me the best results.
Tee CChief Know IT All

Thank you for your comment - this helped resolve our problem which was very similar.
We installed a PCL5e driver and it fixed the issue.

I loaded the PCL 5e driver and got a test page printed from the control panel.  However, when I tried to print a simple Word doc, it gave the "Document failed to print ..." error.  What's up?

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