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Export in Oracle 8i

I am able to take export of a oracle 8i database(database is on a NT box). Now if I try to take the export of the same database, from a Sun box , which has oracle 8.0.5 , using SQL*net connection, I am getting following errors:
Ora -904, Exp-00008, ora-1003 on some tables of system tablespace. Can any one through some light on this.
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Export usually works just fine (and a whole lot faster in most cases) if it is done directly on the server.  That way the version of the database and the version of export are in sync.  If you have Oracle8.0.5 for NT and you install the database utilities portion of that on your client (in a separate Oracle_home from your 8i Oracle_home!) then you should be able to export your 8.0.5 database from the sun server via a client if you wish.
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I agree with Skandalam's comment. The errors are resulted from that you are trying to use lower version of export utility (versin 8.0.5) to do a full database export from a higer version database (version 8i: 8.1.5 or 8.1.6?).


I too agree with Skandalam's comment. But Skandalam in your comment you stated like this -- Normally, this can
be resolved simply by running the version of "CATEXP.SQL" that matches the executable against the database. When trying to make an export that is
backwards-compatible to an older database, it is often necessary to shuffle versions of executables and scripts. --

What exactly I need to do now. Where do I need to run the catexp.sql and on which version of database.

I misunderstood your question at first, so my first comment was not helpful.  

If you install Oracle8i software on the Sun server, you should be able to export the NT server from there, if you want to.

Wouldn't it be simpler though to do the export directly on the NT server, then copy or FTP the dump file to the Sun server?
Markqeer , I can not install Oracle 8i on my sun server and also I can not take export directly from NT server. I have some restrictions here. If this was possible, I would not have posted the query here.

The first line of your question stated:
"I am able to take export of a oracle 8i database(database is on a NT box)."

So, is that no longer true?
Sorry for putting u into confusion. Infact I am able to take export of oracle 8i database which is on NT. But the problem is : I 've to set up a cron job on NT to do this export on a daily basis. But as I already have 100's of other batch processes running on NT box all through the night, I don't want to put any more on it. Hope now U have understood the back ground of my problem.
Ok, if you could do the Oracle export from another computer that would mean only one less job to schedule on NT (and that seems like a very small advantage) but it could likely add significantly to network traffic during the export.  The Oracle database on NT has to at least read all of the Oracle data for the export anyway regardless of which machine initiates the job.

Is the number of batch jobs and their I/O requirements so high on the NT server that offloading writing of the export dump file to another machine will help?  Are you sure that the network connection will not be a bottleneck during the export?  Are there any other processes generating network traffic at the time that may be impacted?
Accepting skandalam's comment as answer and sorry for the long delay in between.