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TGUI9660 Video Adapter Driver

I'm looking for an updated set of drivers for a Video Display adapter
(TGUI9660) from Trident Microsystems. I've been to their website and
while they reference a good number of drivers, there isn't anything
listed for the TGUI9660 model. I've seen that there is a model TGUI9680,
but I'm reluctant to use those drivers just because they're "close" to
what I'm looking for. I left a message for the Trident Microsystems
technical support crew, but as it's been almost two weeks since I left my
original message, I suspect that O.J. will have located the "real killers"
before I hear anything from Trident.

I've checked a couple of the other driver file websites, but without any luck. Can anyone suggest any alternatives, or any website location where you have already confirmed that the TGUI9660 driver is already there?

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I cannot seem to find any reference to the 9660, so double check your video card type using the software found at the download link at this page:

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Probably the 9440 drivers will work better than the 9680 drivers. Odd, I tried tridents site just now and my browser/isp couldn't find it. Actually, if you already have drivers, then they may be a later or better version than on tridents site if they are by the manufacturer of your card. The 9680 drivers they have are really basic and don't compare to the set I got on disks with one of my cards.

Hah, isp decided to let me have trident's page, and they have redone it since I was last there a couple of months ago, I am sure they had a longer list. However elsewhere I see people asking for a 9660/9680 driver like they are the same thing.

Also went a looking at some OEM sites which I know used Trident, I have a Pine technology trident card, but they seem to have forgotten that they made it, or any other trident card, other sites just have their latest 3d chipsets too.

Actually I don't think you are going to mess up anything beyond repair if you try the 9680 drivers, if they don't work hit <F8> as soon as "starting windows ...." flashes on the screen after the bios summary after boot, and go into safe mode and reselect your original settings.


Road Warrior
have you wandered around on this page:

good hunting, bill

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For matth, I already was so thorough to have downloaded their little utility to check my chipset - and it comes back as the TGUI9660 chipset all right.  I figure that evidence, plus the fact that my peripheral handbook has TGUI9660 printed on the cover should be proof enough for anyone.

Maybe this one card was custom made just for me?  
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CDobyns: A simple 'Ive already downloaded that piece of software and used it' would have done :P

By the way you will need to sign up with to get a hold of the drivers there.


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For Matth....

Didn't mean for my comments to come across as sarcastic or demeaning. Just wanted reassure the expert audience that I knew of what I spoke regarding the model/chipset.  My bad...
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It appears that the 9680 drivers are meant for both cards. So just go use them.

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Other responders had suggested driverguide, and I had checked there already once myself, but was unable to locate the specific 9660 drivers.

Points go to kannabis for including the correct URL of the sort of out-of-the-way user submitted driver section (which I apparently didn't know existed).

Nice job and thanks to everyone for their input. Another successfully answered question!
Actually CDobyns I was at driverguide myself and used their search engine with a number of variations of TGUI 9660 etc and I didn't find a thing either, perhaps the proper password is **ALL** !!!!!! or something :-)