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Computed Text in 4.5

Greetings --

I've got a form created in 4.6 that includes a computed text field. The computed text changes according to the selection made on a radio-button keyword field above it. The radio-button keyword field has "Refresh fields on keyword change" checked.

This works great ... in 4.6. When users view it in 4.5, the computed text doesn't show up at all.

"Gee," I figure. "There must be something screwy about computed text in 4.5, so I'll try this with a computed field." The computed field shows up fine in 4.5, but the contents of the field aren't changing when the keyword field changes.

Any suggestions? Thanks -- b.r.t.
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That's a thought, Arunkumar. I think I can find a 4.5 desktop around here. Would you then recommend using the computed text, or the computed field?
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Do you have your radio button before the computed text or after that. meaning check the order of the fields.

But what Arun says makes sense. Give it a shot.

Well, here is a cool idea i got when i was in the shower !!!

Why dont you create a "computed for display" field instead of a computed text / computed field.

Anyway the field is not going to be saved in your document just like a computed text right ?

Just a thought !

Good Luck !
PS: Snocross !  I could not keyin this from shower since there is no waterproof keyboard available with me *Smile*
Well at least you are taking the time to take a shower!  It's nice to see you and Heman getting along today... he actually agreed with you!  

Was Refresh fields on keyword change an option in 4.5?
Just looking through technotes... does this apply;

This issue can occur when the Choices option (on the Basics tab for Field Properties) is set to 'Use Address dialog for choices', 'Use View dialog for choices' or 'Use Access Control List for choices'.  

The keyword options 'Enter choices (one per line)' and 'Use formula for choices' work correctly.
All --

Thanks for the input.

HemanthaKumar --
The radio-button/keyword field comes before the computed text, both chronologically and physically. (The field was created first, not that that's supposed to matter, and it appears higher in the document.)

Arunkumar --
I tried it with a "computed for display" field before I tried it with a computed field. In either case, it ends up with the default text and doesn't change when I select a new option in the keyword field.

snocross --
The keyword field's options come from the "Enter Choices (one per line)" method. Alas.

I'm going to try to get access to a box with 4.5 on it today and re-create the fields there to see if that makes a difference, as per Arunkumar's suggestion yesterday.

Any other suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thanks! -- b.r.t.
Can you post the code for the computed field with reference to the radio button ?
Sorry to get back so late. EE bombed on me this morning, and I got caught surfing at work (even though this is for work, they frown on that).

Anyway, the problem seems to be resolved. I opened the form doc on a 4.5 workstation and went to add a computed text field there. It seems computed text fields were a 4.6 feature, so that explains that.

So I added a compute-for-display field to see what would happen from that end. It worked any time the doc was opened. So I unchecked the Compute After Validation box. I had checked it thinking it would force an evaluation more often. But apparently it forces an evaluation after every refresh (e.g. <F9>). Therefore, it wasn't refreshing based solely on the changing status of the other field.

Thanks to all the contributors. Points go to Arunkumar for initially suggesting that I redesign in 4.5, and for taking the time to think of solutions for me while in the shower.

-- b.r.t.