automatic scanning

Here's one for ya.  I just built a new p3 system, and upgraded to win98se from win98.  Everything works perfectly except when I first turn on the system the scanner comes on and scans to the printer/or program if the printer is not on.

p3 667
soyo 7vca mobo
128mb ram
umax 3400 usb scanner

One other thing, just now when i turned on my system I did'nt turn the monitor on.  I believe the system was fully booted by the time I turned on the monitor, and thats when the scanner scanned.  This may be strictly coincidence, and I have'nt tried to duplicate it yet.  

Any ideas?
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Michael PainterIT administrator Small Business OwnerCommented:
I would say the first thing to do is to separate the software and hardware possibilitys.
Try disconnecting the scanner and turning the computer on.
If a program comes up and says "scanner not found" it is a startup program that is malfunctioning, or has some how been put into the startup folder on the upgrade to SE.
If not, then it has to be a product of the scanning softwares reaction to the upgrade to SE.  Check for updated software on the UMAX site.
Almost assuredly this is a software issue.
Good luck:~)
it may be a conflict in the hardware.  Go to
control panel
device manager
see if you have any yellow or red marks by your scanner or monitor.  Post it here.
type in hwinfo /ui
post results.


rspar1Author Commented:
Thanks, I will try all of the above.  I have confirmed that nothing happens at bootup until I turn on the monitor.  Weird or what?  The system was completely booted, hard drive light out not making any sounds other than the fan.  I push the button on the monitor, and there goes the scanner.  Will post with more info later today.
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Check both the msconfig startup folder and the startup folder in the start menu programs.  My Logitech scanner is in both.  What is really sounds like is your USB port is conflicting with your monitor or display adaptor.  Check device manager under these and see what's up.
rspar1Author Commented:
no conflicts in device manager

hwinfo found
  Class system
this device has a problem code=22 (0x16)
this device is disabled
device desc: acpi irq holder for pci irq steering
registry key:  hkey_local_machine\enum\acpi\*pnpocof\00000002

any thoughts?
PCI steering is a toughy.  Maybe you can download updated drivers for your mobo from thier website? Or did the Soyo come with an installation CD or floppy?  This page contains updated drivers for your mobo:
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
rspar1, Go to the safe mode by
Restart your computer, press and hold down the CTRL key after your computer completes the Power On Self Test (POST), and then choose Safe Mode from the Startup menu.

In the safe mode, go to the device manager of Control Panel, expand the system devices. Remove all the items listed there. OK and restart.

Restart the computer to the normal mode, all the needed items in system devices will be reinstalled. They're mostly the devices for the power management and IRQs.

See if the problem solved or not.

Sometimes, you may need to go back to safe mode to remove other duplicate items, if found.

Make certain that if there is any update version for the USB bus controllers and USB Root Hub for your motherboard. Go and update it.

Let us know how you made it out.

May I know why not switch on the monitor before the power on of the computer?
If you switch on the monitor first, does the same problem occur?

Michael PainterIT administrator Small Business OwnerCommented:
There is a patch for this mainboard to resolve PCI IRQ routing issues.
Apply this and see if it helps.
Michael PainterIT administrator Small Business OwnerCommented:
There is also a patch for the AGP to work properly here:
Michael PainterIT administrator Small Business OwnerCommented:
Also, sometimes Win98 and SE don't properly identify the ACPI bios.
Do you have an entry in device manager under System devices for ACPI Bios?
If not your system either has the ACPI disabled, (could be an issue) or you need to implement the following fix to have win98 properly detect and install it:
To enable ACPI after Windows 98 is installed, run Regedit and go to the following key in the registry:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Detect

Create a new DWORD value called "ACPIOption" and set it equal to 1.
In Control Panel, run Add New Hardware and choose hardware detection. ACPI should be detected and installed. After the system is rebooted, all ACPI-enumerated devices will be set up again.
It does seem to be wrapped up with the video some how, perhaps an AGP/ACPI issue which has previously been mentioned.
Let us know what you find.
rspar1Author Commented:
Well I've tried all of the above, including blowing away the system devices in device mgr.  I right clicked on one and chose remove.  @#@#$$$#@!, everything just about deleted.  No mouse, no cdroms, no video drivers, etc.
Well after reloading an hour and a half later it still does it.  Somebody tell my why windows chooses to sometimes not be able to find a file, and I have to manually search for it myself??

  I've loaded all the latest drivers.  Editing the registry gave me the dreaded windows protection error, so I went back and deleted that.  I think the answer is always turn the monitor on first.  I'm still open for more suggestions, after a little pacing the twitch in my eye went away.  Although I still occasionally break out in laughter for no reason.

I've emailed Umax maybe in a month or two they'll get back to me.
rspar1Author Commented:
Oh, I forgot to mention when I unplug the scanner it starts normally.
Patricia Siu-Lai HoCommented:
<I think the answer is always turn the monitor on first.  >

May I know why not switch on the monitor before the power on of the computer?
If you switch on the monitor first, does the same problem occur?  

Repeat my last request in previous comment that I still don't know why you need to switch on the monitor after the power on of the computer and the scanner?

All of the time, the heatup of the monitor need longer time to translate a signal back to the computer. Once the computer boot up, it reads from the BIOS and send signal to seek for the monitor. If the monitor not switching on nor not warm enough to send back a signal, many power management functions and disk activities could not be carried out. After the power-on-self test for detecting hard drives etc, the scanner is then another devices that needs to read before the operating system win98 running into its GUI system.

Looking for your further information.     pslh
Michael PainterIT administrator Small Business OwnerCommented:
In display> advanced> Monitor properties, there is a box to check for "Automatically detect plugnplay monitors, is this checked?  Maybe by can play with this setting, and monitor types and see if it changes.
I feel your frustration, and if the machine functions fine except for this automatic scanning at startup, discretion may deem it necessary to live with it.  Not to mention your frustration level.
Hope that tick gets better:~)

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Do you have the latest driver for the monitor?


Michael PainterIT administrator Small Business OwnerCommented:
I was just thinking about this question, and another maybe similar issue.
It seems that Win98SE has problems with USB devices, and powering them down for no reason, without notice.
This is a stretch, cause the issue I dealt with was on an AMD processor with VIA chipset. Going back to Win98 was the ultimate solution.  Better yet, load WinME, it seems great so far.
ironman:  I'm running Win98SE with USB devices and have had no problems whatsoever.  I have the VIA chipset too but I'm running a Celeron 633Mhz CPU.  Where did you hear this at?
I like honey!! Especially on Toast! MMMMMMM MM!!
Michael PainterIT administrator Small Business OwnerCommented:
This is an issue with AMD K62 and K63 processors running 100 MHZ bus on VIA chipset.  You are not affected.
More info:
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We do try to keep a certain degree of professionalism while we're at it.:~)

I am rejecting this answer.

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rspar1Author Commented:
The answer has come down to I'll live with it.  I appreciate all the input.  Points going to ironman for effort.  Thanks to all!!  Except I know nothin, the name probably fits.
Michael PainterIT administrator Small Business OwnerCommented:
Good point rspar1, and thanks, you don't of course have to award the points if the question is not solved to your satisfaction.
It is a relatively minor discrepancy, and if faced with a similar problem, I would probably live with it too.
May your future be long and rewarding.
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