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I want to start using my phone dialler however it appears that I have a problem( as indicated in Device Manager) in that no drivers are loaded for this device. I have present in system folder two files which I believe are needed viz mmdevldr.vxd  and serwave.vxd  and have also attempted without luck to import other drivers from disks I have including the modem disk ( Voicecard 56 Pro V1456VQH-R  (Dynalink)) The dialler program opens OK but no dialling sound comes from speakers. I Have deleted the Wave Devicefor voice modem from Device manager and Windows has located and asked for the drivers but nothing seems to be acceptable .
Your help appreciated.
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Sounds like your modem isnt properly installed. Delete the modem in voice manager then run the hardware setup wizard again, and try to get your system to auto-detect the modem. When prompted, select 'Have Disk' and insert the modem manufacturers install disk ... it should have  an installation file (something.INF eg DYNSETUP.INF) on it somewhere. The Wave device for Voice modem driver is only needed if you want to use voice telephony (eg answering machine) - you dont need it for dialup networking. In any case Wave device for Voice modem will probably install automatically during modem setup. Don't expect to hear a dialtone through your speakers - if you need to do this connect your modems speaker output  to your sound cards input.

I agree with the above as far as reinstalling your modem but delete your modem and wave device for voice modem from device manager in safe mode, Usually when you have a problem trying to install then reinstall you may have duplicate entries for these devices which only show in safe mode.

There's a little known fact about these Wave Modems that you have to obtain a special jumper to hook from your modem to your soundcard.  most likely it will be a TAD jumper.  It will only work if your soundcard supports this.  The jumper is very hard to find.
Darryl BergProject Manager

Yes, or you could simply connect a small 2.5mm jack-to jack audio lead between the modem spkr out and the sound card aux in.

Most good answering machine programs will let you select your sound card for playback and recording of voice messages anyway.

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