Run-Time Error 20532: Can't find database DLL

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I'm using Crystal Report 7 with Visual Basic 6 connect on a database SQL SERVER.

It's working fine on my computer but not on the user computer.  Saying "Run-Time Error 20532: Can not find database DLL".

So is there a possibility that I have a corrupted file or maybe my connection settings are not ok?

When I open the report manually with Crystal on my computer and refreshing the data it's asking me about what connection I want.  So, I use Microsoft SQL Server, my server is "SRV-SQL1", no user ID and no password and I select "Trusted Connection".

Now, in my VB code I use this:
    With CrystalReport1
        .ReportFileName = App.Path & "\Report1.rpt"
        .WindowState = crptMaximized
        .DiscardSavedData = True
        .Destination = 0
        .Action = 1
    End With

So maybe I have to use LogOnServer but how can I pass the "Trusted Connection" setting.

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Hi CocaCola,

This error message appears because Msvcp60.dll has not been distributed to the client computer.

Resolve this error message by including Msvcp60.dll as part of the runtime distribution package.

Best of luck,



The error message persist.  Is there other files I have to include with the distribution package?

Note: I'm able to open the form with the OCX of Crystal but the error occur when I want to print the report.
try these files (top are the most likely to fix the problem, the bottom are files needed for users to export their reports)

If they don't help try running the Crystal reports "Distribution Expert", it will show you what the report is using.

MSVBVM50.DLL             1,355,7764/29/99  
MSVBVM60.DLL             1,388,5445/26/00  
msvcp50.dll                565,76010/15/99  
msvcp60.dll                401,4625/11/99  

P2ssql.dll   (Guessing on these two as I've never distributed an SQL Server report)

craxddt.dll              8,880,1281/28/00  
craxdrt.dll              5,550,0801/28/00  
Crpaig80.dll               618,4961/11/00  
crviewer.dll               509,3281/28/00  
Crxlat32.dll                24,57612/7/99  
Implode.dll                 17,92012/7/99  
itircl.dll                 155,552 4/8/99  
itss.dll                   138,048 4/8/99  
MSADODC.OCX                118,9765/21/00  
MSBIND.DLL                  77,8245/10/00  
msldbusr.dll                41,47210/15/97  
MSSTDFMT.DLL               118,7843/13/00  
MSVCRT.DLL                 278,581 3/6/00  
MSVCRT40.DLL               326,656 2/7/99  
msvfw32.dll                125,712 8/8/96  
OLEAUT32.DLL               598,2884/11/00  
OLEPRO32.DLL               164,112 3/7/
P2smon.dll                 147,45612/15/99  
p2sodbc.dll                270,3361/27/00  
p2soledb.dll               171,0086/21/99  
SHLWAPI.DLL                287,50411/4/99  
sscdlg.dll                 548,86412/10/99  
sscrc.dll                2,301,95212/16/99  
sscsdk80.dll               974,84812/10/99  
ST6UNST.EXE                 73,2163/25/99  
STDOLE2.TLB                 17,920 6/2/99  
u252000.dll                 24,57612/7/99  
u25dts.dll                  24,57612/7/99  
u2dapp.dll                  28,67212/7/99  
u2ddisk.dll                 28,67212/7/99  
u2dmapi.dll                 40,96012/7/99  
u2dnotes.dll                53,2481/12/00  
u2fhtml.dll                 32,768 1/6/00
u2frtf.dll                 122,8801/26/00  
u2ftext.dll                 81,92012/7/99  
u2fwks.dll                  40,96012/7/99  
u2fwordw.dll               106,49612/7/99  
u2fxls.dll                 208,8961/26/00  
u2l2000.dll                 24,57612/7/99  
URLMON.DLL                 433,42411/4/99  
UXDDISK.DLL                 23,3449/19/95  
UXFDOC.DLL                  36,9609/19/95  
UXFWKS.DLL                  38,6729/19/95  
UXFWORDW.DLL                47,1849/19/95  
VB6STKIT.DLL               101,8883/25/99  
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Keep failing!!

I check every files to be carefully registered.  Every file looks fine to me on the computer users.

Users 'cause I tried on two different user.

Both of the dev computers are working find though.

Maybe it's not about file distribution ...


I know but I can't make it work!

I'm still working on it ...


I found my problem thx to you and the list of files you gave me in your post.

The problem was my P2SSQL.DLL file that was not properly registered.  When I tried manually to register the file with regsvr32 it said that the NTWDBLIB.DLL was not on the user computer.  This is the Microsoft SQL Client Library.

So I include the NTWDBLIB.DLL in my distribution package and voilà!

I'm a happy guy!

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