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Multiple monitors on RedHat Linux

Marfy asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-27
I have a dual boot system, Linux/win2000. In 2000, I can get 2 monitors to work quite well, but only if I boot off the AGP adapter. It does not work if I boot off the PCI adapter. I do not know why. I do not want to boot off the AGP adapter, because linux tries to apply the PCI adapter and monitor settings to the AGP adapter. (21" PCI driven monitor, 17" AGP driven monitor - you catch my drift)

I would essentially like to have both OSes running both adapters in the same way.

Does anyone know how to get two video adapters to work in Linux (for X)? Even pointers as to where I should find information on doing this. I cannot find any information anywhere.

I am sure that if I can get dual monitors working in linux, it would not matter that 2000 requires me to boot using the AGP video to get two monitors working, and I would not have to continually update my PC's CMOS when switching OSes.


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u can have a try by manually changing the system settings
of monitor or agp in the file /etc/x11/XF86Config file
there are options for multiple monitors ,
so u can try to manipulate them accrodingly

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This question remains open today; perhaps just overlooked this or it just got lost in the volumes. If you've been helped to resolve this, please accept the comment which helped you as the accepted answer to then grade and close so that others may benefit from this information as it migrates to our PAQ Database. If more is needed, please update here via comments so that you can achieve your goal.

Your attention to finalizing this is very much appreciated.

Thank you.
":0)  Asta

I tried to get to monitors working under linux and only succeded with two iddentical pci cards, 2 cirrus logic gd-5446 but the I found that no window manager supports multiple monitors.  Under KDE and Gnome the windows became corupted and nothing worked right, XFree86 works with dual monitors, but I don't think anything else does


Sorry for the delay in settling the points for this question. I have to say that although prakashsl did not completely solve this one for me, he put me in exactly the right direction, so he deserves the points.

How I came upon the answer:

1. Read updated information on X at http://www.xfree86.org/
2. Downloaded version 4.0.2 of XFree86
3. Learnt new syntax for config file (been a long time)
4. put mulitple adaptors and monitors in config
5. started X with +xinerama option
6. Got KDE 1 and 2 working (but not perfectly) with 2 monitors.

It seems that KDE does not fully support xinerama, so it does annoying things like spread new windows over both screens, and pop up dialogs right over the split. I have heard that 3 monitors make this problem less frustrating.

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