Problems connecting to AS/400

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I am having problems opening a connection to an AS/400
via an ODBC(client access driver) data source.

The error message returned is as follows:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E4D)
[IBM][Client Access Express ODBC Driver (32-bit)]Communication link failure. comm rc=8006 - CWB0999 - Unexpected error: unexpected return code 8006

The code I'm using to open the connection is as follows:

<% Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")  
   Conn.Open "TestSrc", "MMACNEIL", "MMACNEIL"%>

Pretty basic but still doesn't work, Please help as this
is really driving me insane! Thank you.
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Never used AS/400 with ODBC. But searched through MS site and found this. Sorry this is the only link I can help you with and the following links in the same page


I am guessing the testsrc  is the dsn on the server...
Have to tried dsnless connection ( just wondering )...

I have been able to connect to some of Oracle database w/o DSN.. but would give problem with a DSN

just a thought
I am not sure anuravi. I never had any probs with a dsn conneciton to oracle. Then only tricky part in oracle is dsn name must be same as entry in tnsnames.ora
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Is the AS/400 machine set up to process requests from web users? If not, I suspect that it's not going to be possible. From the error, it sounds like the computer don't understand each other.
looks like a configuration problem with Client Access, indeed...
I had the same error with Win2000 & CA.  Try your
page on a Win98 or NT 4.0 service, that should work.  I've
had MANY problems with Win2000 and client access, so many
I got rid of 2000 and use win98 which works fine with it.  I doubt it's an ODBC problem either, try using the DSN with another app in VB or something to test it and make sure its connecting OK.

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