Problem related to insert a group of record to a data file ?

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I have a problem as follows :

I have a insert statement to insert a group of records
into a data file similiar as follows

 insert into file_a select * from file_b

However, some of the records in file_b is not suitable
for insertion to file_a, so that all records are

My question is :

Can I have a way so that only those unsuitable records are rejected ( and give some notification such
as SQL mail to operator ), and the other suitable records
will be inserted into file_a ?

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You can go through your input table record by record inserting one at a time (using an identity on that table?) and alerting if the input fails. Better to put a status on the input table which is set with the input result.

Better to check the input table before the insert and set the status depending on whether the data is correct. This leaves the error processing for database errors rather than normal processing.
And an sql statement (like insert) is atomic - i.e. it will either complete or fail - it cannot partially complete.
you could add a WHERE clause to the input select statement and state there the conditions for what are "suitable" records.

1)if the process fails because of a primary key violation

     insert into TableA
     select * frm TableB
     WHERE TableB_Id not in (select TableA_Id from TableA)

    this qurty adds records depending on the fact that
    the ID doesnt already appear in the target table

2)if the process fails because of a conversion from char to integer error

     insert into TableA
     select * frm TableB
     WHERE isnumeric(TableB_Charcol) = 1

     this qurty adds records depending on the fact that
     the a character column in TableB holds numeric data
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