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i have a 4 gig hard drive that is almost full,im buying a bigger HD (10 gig), and i want all the stuff on the 4 to be on the 10,and the 10 to be my master c and the 4 to be a slave, WHERE CAN I GET DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS
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1.Connect your 10Gb as a slave of the 4 Gb to start.
Boot from a floppy, partition your 10Gb as desired, format it, don't forget the system files.
Then boot from the 4Gb into your OS, copy all you need to the 10Gb.
2.Another option is to copy all the stuff via something like Ghost.
After 1 or 2 swap HDD's 10Gb as master 4Gb as slave, or even better 10Gb master on primary controller, 4Gb mast on secondary controller, since they most certainly have different access speeds (PIO 4 and PIO 2 or something )
3.But probably the best solution is to hook them up like that right away, install the 10Gb fresh from scratch with all needed applications, after which you can transfer all the needed data afterwards.

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Use Ghost from or some of the other 3rd party programs.

If you are using win 9x, then you can do it yourself, if you have a little technical knowledge.

1) Prepare a bootable floppy with the OS on it ( See control panel- add/remove programs - Startup disk Tab ).

2) Install the new Hard disk, take care to jumper the disk master/slave depending on whicj IDE cable you connect.

3) Fdisk the new drive and setup a partition.

4) Format the disk with format d: /s ( d being the correct drive letter ).

5) in windows , open a DOS window and type

xcopy c:\*.*  d:\ /c/h/e/k/s

6) shut down windows and use f8 to go to a command prompt.
use attrib -s -h -r *.d* in the windows dir to unprotect your registry files.

copy system.* d* and user.D* to the windows dir on drive D:\

7) remove your old hard disk, and boot from your floppy drive.

8) use Fdisk to set your new C: drive to active partiton ( option 2 of fdisk ).

9) from the A: prompt type
sys c:

10) reboot and you should be up and running, and you still have your old hard drive if needed.

Good Luck !
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Go to this site.  You wll need to download this util (free for personal use).  The detailed instructions are here


Most drive manufacturers have software that allows you to make an exact copy of your existing drive. If you buy a retail version drive, the software will probably come with the drive. Otherwise, it is available at no cost at the manufacturer's web site. Western Digital has the best program in my opinion. It's quick and easy and almost foolproof. I have used it many, many times with great success. If you know what brand drive you will be purchasing, post it here and we will provide the web address.



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