I/O Error 87

Hi all

I'm doing the code below and at the end, instead of stopping - it brings up the message : "I/O Error 87" (from EInOutError) .
I couldn't find anything about "Error 87" in the Delphi's help .
What is this Error ?

What am i doing wrong...?

The code :

const BufferSize = 1050;
var f                 : File;
      RBuffer     : array[1..BufferSize] of Byte;
      BufferLen : DWORD;
While Not EOF(F) Do
   BlockRead(f, RBuffer, SizeOf(RBuffer), BufferLen);

(the parts in the dots (..) REALLY don't have NOTHING to do files or buffering)

I'm using D5 Standart w/ win95 if it matters.
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Add this line
before your while statement and add this one
{$+} after the end of the while statement.
I usually do this:

const BufferSize = 1050;
var f                 : File;
     RBuffer     : array[1..BufferSize] of Byte;
     BufferLen : DWORD;

  BlockRead(f, RBuffer, SizeOf(RBuffer), BufferLen);
  // bufferLen returns with the number of bytes read
  if bufferLen > 0 then begin
    // blockread has just read bufferLen bytes into
    // RBuffer
until bufferLen = 0;

By the way, how did you open the file ?

If you did this:


then change to:


By default Delphi opens with 128 (reset(f,128)), wich means read and write blocks of 128 bytes.

So when you call:


you are actually reading sizeof(rbuffer) * 128 bytes.

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use a while loop like;

while(1=1) do begin
   BloackRead(F, Buffer, SizeOf(Buffer), BufferLen);
   if(BufferLen<SizeOf( Buffer)) then break;


Win32 Error codes:
87 The parameter is incorrect.  ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER

I think MS99 is correct. Anyways I'd suggest to use TFileStream for such stuff since it's easier to use and offers less pitfalls (sharing modes, record sizes, bytes read...).

This would then be (CLASSES must be in the uses clause):

    Stream: TStream;

    Stream:=TFileStream.Create('Filename',fmOpenRead); //open file
    BufferLen:=Stream.Read(RBuffer,SizeOf(RBuffer)); //read block
    Stream.Free; //close stream

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ebi1Author Commented:
ThanX for the info guys

I'm a little new with the great Delphi so i didn't think that AvonWyss's way can be done
(and the 87 answer...)

BTW : I did opened the file with Reset(f, 1);

ThanX again guys.
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