download my eVC application

i created VC++ application for the CE on the embedded VC IDE. it works great on the emulator, but now i want to download it to the device.
my activesync is up and running, i even able to sync with outlook contacts task all other the other stuff there.

but when i try to compile the app it sayd:
"the windows CE connection  server has failed
please make sure that the windows CE  service is running (activesync)..."

any ideas ?
even if i go to "tools"->"configure platform manager" and test the device, it doesn't connects.

very very frustrating
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You haven't said which CE device you are developing (Pocket PC, HP/PC Pro, etc..). But no matter which device, after you run successfully the emulator, all you need to do is to change the processor type and the configuration will be changed accordingly.

For example, your device is Handheld PC Pro: under emulation mode, the windows that shows the CPU mode would say 'Win32 (WCE x86em) Debug or Release'. When you want to run the actual device itself, just change that window to 'Win32 (WCE ARM) Debug or Release'. Then recompile and it should download by itself, as long as ActiveSync is activated.

You almost get there.
Shay050799Author Commented:
i did that, but i get a message that unable to download
to the device...
thats my problem

You might also need to reconfigure ActiveSync. To be safe, when ActiveSync first came up, choose 'No Partnership' when asked. Don't let 'Outlook' interfere with your development.

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I encountered that problem several times. I could use the Explorer to view the files on the device but just could not download thru eMebedded Visual C++. Try deleting the partnership and recreate it.
So, what is your device?
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