Win NT PC will not boot:  'strike F1 to retry reboot, F2 for setup utility'

Posted on 2001-06-02
Last Modified: 2007-11-27

Today my PC crashed for the last time - it cannot be rebooted.


Each time I try to reboot my Win NT 4.0 Dell desktop computer, the following happens:

1. The Dell logo appears, identifying the system as "DELL OptiPlex GXI 400 MTbr, BIOS Revision A09".

2. On the next screen, I see:

       SCSI ID:0
           LUN: 0WDIGTL WDE4360-1807A3 - Start Unit Request Failed

       SCSI ID:2
           LUN: 0SEAGATE ST34520W

    strike F1 to retry reboot, F2 for setup utility

               PROBLEM BACKGROUND:

My computer has behaved well since I got it in October, until about April or May. At that point, it started crashing several times per week. By crash, I mean locking up so that not even the Task Manager could be called.

Today, while using some brand new software, it crashed differently, with the "blue screen of death". I tried to reboot, but got an error that said something like "Error loading operating system". Subsequent reboots led consistently to the problem described above.


Thank you.
Question by:Mark Ebden

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if you have scsi devices on the computer you will need to run a repair and reinstall those drivers

Author Comment

by:Mark Ebden
ID: 6150977

Thank you Kalyn - how do I do that?  I don't know much about computers.

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from the looks of your information, the boot drive (SCSI ID 0)is not responding, but the second drive( SCSI ID 2)does...... I would lean toward the boot drive dying. You don't need any drivers for your scsi hard drives
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by:Mark Ebden
ID: 6153265


Thanks for looking into this.  My error message has changed, even though I didn't do a thing except wait a day.  Maybe this offers a further clue.  I get past those two SCSI messages, and now in the "OS Loader" page, I get:

               Disk I/O error:

               Status: 00000100
               NTDETECT failed

               <And the screen hangs there>

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Accepted Solution

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ID: 6157977
ditto oldgreyguy
what izzit you've done to this box since it was new? Did you... add CD-RW or DVD or anything? Move box?

1st, with NT, you get event logs. Had you been looking at them, when available, you likely would have seen what it was that was deteriorating.

You may have timing issue, power issue. If you knew something on computers, I'd suggest recabling everything.

With drives like scsi, computer unplugged, at least try this: where cable meets disk, push lightly on connector to get it on all the way. All connectors. DOn't want no loose ones.

I had one server that went down like that, gradual like. Moved the two disk drives to another box, and all was well ever since. Actually it was a swap of HDs, and both boxes worked.

One thing you can try, if you don't have adaptec, is to first make sure the drives are not autoconfigured by some bios, and make sure they are manually strapped properly.

Are they formatted FAT or NTFS?

A good DOS boot diskette can read fat. It can also find files like Boot.ini that are probably still available. You may only need a good restore of first couple sectors.

Is drive #2 a boot drive as well? If so, try reversal of scsi IDs. Or, make one higher up chain.

What does Dell say, if it is from their 'build'? How many mass store devices have you? You did not (I hope) run any 3rd party partitioners or A/V to mess around with that disk!

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If you bought it in Oct., it's still under warranty.  Call (or email) Dell tech support.  Make them fix it.

Author Comment

by:Mark Ebden
ID: 6165198

Thanks for all your suggestions.  In the end I had to return the drive to Dell for a new one, which I'm waiting on.

Don't you just love computers??!!


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