Password protecting a file in linux

Is it possible to password protect a file in Linux ?
By this I mean that when anybody is going to view the file (whatever be the way he choose) it will ask for a password and if valid password is entered it will open the file.
                                 If any body found any hints or any suitable link just help me.
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alien_life_formConnect With a Mentor Commented:
as mentioned by rbr crypt will let you do what you are
Safer protection may be achieved by using gnupg or pgp.

Though I have never used them to this end, the programs in the openssl suite perform this task in a way that's very similar to what crypt does (so I lump them with crypt
in what follows) but using muche stronger ciphers.

This means you will be able to:

(i) crypt your files with a password of your chosing (crypt) or with your (public) key (pgp/gnupg)

(ii) decrypt your files with the same password as in (i) or with your private key (*pg)

If you are using pgp or gnupg the crypt/decrypt process is authomated so you never need to know which password is being used  - OTOH, if you want to circulate the files you have encrypted, you will have to use a differente technique.

What you do not get is application level support for
your now encrypted files. I believe that the only en-user applications that have widespread  support for encryption are mail readers. (this means you'll have to manually decrypt your stuff before uou can use it.

If this is not acceptable, perhaps using the encryption built in zip eetension, as suggested by a previous poster.

If that is important
I don't know if you can password protect a file, but you can set the permission to deny all from read or write except a spcific group and you can add users to that particular group.

Through the WeB, it is a whole different story and it is EASY,
hope this helps
souvik_mssAuthor Commented:
I don't mean to protect file through the web. I am aware about the htaccess and I don't want this. File permission is good but I want to protect the file as it can be done in MS-Word. Even if the person know my login password then also he has to know the file password seperately to open the file.
Thanks for your help.
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man crypt
then why not use an archiving program, like tar or zip, etc?  I'm not if tar lets you add passwords to archives, but zip does (see
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