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Posted on 2001-06-04
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Last Modified: 2013-12-28
I'm not sure this is the proper location to ask this question , but since my OS is Win98 , I have placed it here . I have been watching the recent discussion in the lounge , PLEASE READ THIS , thread , and notice when I click onto one of the URLs given , and then want to return to the original thread by useing the back button , it seems to take for ever for the page to come up . Now I realize , that particular thread is quite long , and the amount of information may take awhile to process , I thought the web history feature , or the cookies , or one of these feature was supposed to make this process quicker . But on this computer , it takes just as long to return to the page , as it did when I originally went to that page . Is this normal , or is there an adjustment I can make to speed this process up , in returning to a page after it has originally been brought up .

My system speed is 100mhz , has 64mb ram , and a little over 400mb left on the hard disk . The system monitor is usually around 45-55 percent .  
Question by:djdocdon
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Author Comment

ID: 6151743
BTW , to all who know me , QUACK

Accepted Solution

kahlean earned 100 total points
ID: 6151880
hei there still remember me, It seems that your problem is coming one after another, first it was the cd audio, then the conection problem. But nevermind you have lots of experts here helping you around. Your problem will be slove in no time.

Well yes this much depends on your temporary internet files setting, from my point of view. You should check the settings ( i hope you know how t ofind them) and set it to automatically. Ther are other option available,  but i would really recommend you to use it. Just to be on the safe side.

Also i am not sure what ype of ie version you are using but try to upgrade to ie 5.5. It really improve my olde pc which is running at 133 mhz with only 48 mb ram also ity is only a win 95 os.

Till then happy trying, QUACK



Expert Comment

ID: 6152607
Have had this problem frequently with IE (all versions) & often have to click back button twice to get back.
Don't see it as a major issue (just annoying) & don't get the same problem with Netscape.
Must say however that IE seems to run more smoothly (than Netscape) since the advent of Netscape 6.0
My feeling is as long as you are aware of a problem then you can compensate for it (so I often hit back twice immediately in anticipation).
Sorry can't help you with reasons why this happens. Guess I've just got used to the Bill Gates programming style.
IE: It works eventually!
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Expert Comment

ID: 6153129
Probably because EE is server based java - do you have this problem on HTML only sites?
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Expert Comment

by:Asta Cu
ID: 6153311
Hi.  I've had occasional problems until I did the following:

Applied all service patches using WindowsUpdate (upgraded IE 5.5 to include the new service patch 1)

Since I have/use MS Office packages, always keep them updating using this link and selecting Product Catalog to download fixes/patches for all programs therein:


Changed my IE settings - tools - internet options - general - maintain history for only 2 days, clearned temporary internet files and run maintenance (cleanup/scandisk/defrag).

IE - connections - make sure that I've configured my settings to refresh web pages "each visit to the page" versus the other settings, most of which created what you've defined if not set as this.

As regards to using the back button, the confusion that at times occurs appears to be when you're on a link with frames and may be corrected through settings, as noted earlier.  


Expert Comment

ID: 6153688
Dear Sir,
Your problemo has an answer easier than you think. The MSIE Cache works this way: It will always reload the whole thing UNLESS you waited for it to completely load before going to any other page. This is an IE problem only, it does not happen in Netscape, but their browser sucks, so...

Author Comment

ID: 6158384
Dear santiagoc , I have rejected your answer , not because it was not informative , but because it didn't really answer the question . Please do not feel that I am getting on you , or do not appreciate your input , I do .
From looking at your profile , I can see you are new to this site , and perhaps are not aware of the protocal used with in this site . This is understandable , again , these comments are not meant as a slam towards you . Usually , when a question is asked , the experts submit their answers as suggestions . This allows the questionaire to try different suggestions , and find which one solves the problem . Also , when a question is locked down , there is no longer the opportunity to exchange information to and from the experts and questionaire . When the questionaire does find the particular answer that solves the problem , this person then accepts the appropriate suggestion , and awards the points . Again , welcome to EE and look forward to further input from you .

DRRYAN3 , it does seem that html sites take longer to load .

kahlean I located the area you spoke of , and set it to automatic , this does seem to help

BTW , this system is up-graded to 5.5

WiZaRd I tried hitting the back button twice , and that too seems to work .

astaec , any more , when I have a problem of any kind , I try pretty much a system wide clean-up first . I think this is not only good house cleaning , but it also tends to clear up some hard-disk space .

Now , I am at a quandry as to how to award the points . It seems that both kahlean , and WiZaRd's suggestions help . Is there a way to split these points with out violateing EE rules ?

Expert Comment

ID: 6158674
quack, another problem solve for our friend here. Glad that i could offer some help here
LVL 27

Expert Comment

by:Asta Cu
ID: 6160149
You can post a zero point question in Community Support, include this link:


Ask them to reduce the value of this Q to 25, return your points and accept one of the two expert's comments here as the accepted answer to then grade and close.  Then post another question in this topic area with subject

Points for ___expert name - 25 points (or whatever you feel you wish to award)

and in the comments again include this link so they know what is being awarded.


Then when the expert comments or answers there, accept that to close and award points.

That's the process, good luck, and happy you've been helped.

":0)  Asta

Expert Comment

ID: 6163778
Splitting points as requested.

This question awarded to kahlean.

WiZarD, please see your question at http://www.experts-exchange.com/jsp/qManageQuestion.jsp?ta=win98&qid=20131331

Thanks everyone.
Community Support Moderator
Experts Exchange

Expert Comment

ID: 6165947
thanks there amp, quack

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