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  My user got one very funny request. I do not know whether this can be done. The purpose of this small program is for documentation. He has many drawing for one project. He wants to be able to hyperlink or open to the location of the drawing (e.g. the drawing he specify is at f:\project\room1.vsd). It will launch either Explorer or the program associated with the drawing.

  Please advise.

  Thanks in advance
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which version is your Domino server?

In R5 you have the possibility to link OS/File system objects in links located on the server or file services connected to the server :-)
CT2000Author Commented:
  I am using Lotus Domino 5.05. Could you advise. How this can be done?

  Thanks in advance
Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
Is this from the web or the client ?
When from the web, you can reference the file(s) by using a hotspot with an URL-link like file://PathToTheFile This will present a file download dialog box, where the user can choose to download the document or open it (Save File As... or Run from location, choosing the last will open the file in its associated application)
From the client I don't know how to do it.
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It can be done for web user, but not for 10 points ;-)

 jerrith's proposal is for local files. Are we talking about browser local files or server files in browser.

If we are talkong about server files in browser, than it costs 300 points :-)
CT2000Author Commented:
Very Greedy "stamp"
   My user requirement is very simple. It will be on a notes client. I have though of a field allowing the user to enter the file location.Then I create a hotspot next to it. How can I make the link to point to my field which the user has just entered?

   Please advise
   Thanks in advance
Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
My solution will work for files on a (file) server too, you just need a network resource to point to the file or files.
However, since this has to work from the client it's not an issue. As I said before, I haven't got a clue as to how to do it for a client. Would be iterested to see if anybody else does, though.
Hey CT2000 ,
if it is to simple, than it is not for wizzards like me <|;-))

I close this account: stamp
and need a lot of points for my new account: zvonko

But if you do not want to know my marvel way, than no problem...

By the way: you never give more then 30, points CT2000. Do you think others are stupid giving more?

So long,
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Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
If stamp agrees, delete the question.
CT2000Author Commented:
  The solution is on the field, highlight the info that was type in by the user. Then Select create hotspot. Hotspot link. Enter the url location f:\project\room1.vsd. When the user click on the field. The hotspot will be activated. And the program will launch the respective program that created the file. This work for folder as well!
Points refunded, found own solution.  Moving to PAQ at zero points rather than deleting, points were refunded.

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Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
Thanks for sharing the info, CT2000. I've put it in my little notes tips and tricks black book ;-)

Good call to move this question to PAQ, Moondancer !
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