Visual Basic 6 Reporting

I want to produce some reports using the dataenvironment and data report. I know how to call these up from a form. But how do i print say a subset of the table. Eg all fields with two dates, i would have the dates on the form for the user to fill in. Ten the report should print fields matching this criteria.
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Ryan ChongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, here is an idea:

DataEnv.rsGetRecords.Open "SELECT * FROM Table Where date between #" & format$(date1.Value,"mm/dd/yyyy") & "# and # "& format$(date1.Value,"mm/dd/yyyy") & " #"

If iPrint = 0 Then Rpt.PrintReport True, rptRangeAllPages Else Rpt.Show
sedatrizaAuthor Commented:
seems like it should work. where exactly do i type this in.

Thank you

Can i say that,
Add that line of code,in the lostfocus of the DTPICKER(if u use that) or the text box where in u type the date.
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sedatrizaAuthor Commented:
i am probably very dense. But i can not get this to work.
I have set my dataenvironment and report and this bit works if i want to see everything. I just can't get the above working. Please explain slowly.


I have a few questions to ask.

When you set up the data environment and the data report, did you specify "table" as the data command type and does your report reference that table?  If so, unless you override at run time, you will get all the records in the table.

One way to do what you want is to set up the data command (which I've named MyTblByDates) as an SQL statement, something along the lines of
    select * from MyTbl where MyDate between ? and ?

Then, on the parameters tab, define the two question marks as pDate1 and pDate2 respectively (set the types appropriately).

All references in the Data Report (rptMyTbl) need to specify DataSource:de and DataMember:MyTblByDates
Then in your code
    ' Create the recordset for the report
    de.MyTblByDates dDate1, dDate2
    ' show the report
    rptMyTbl.Show vbModal
    ' close the recordset

note: de is my DataEnvironment

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