i am usin ado.With all typres of cursors it says rs.moveprevious says not allowed.

Set rs = conn.Execute("select * from customer", adOpenKeyset)

help me
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mukunthConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Execute method of the connection object returns a forward-only recordset.Use the above as:

rs.Open "select * from customer",adOpenKeySet

It will work as you want it to.
What are you connecting to? (e.g. SQL Server, Access)
What are the properties of your connection and recordset?
Use this is faster and you can movelast

Dim ArrayRs()
Dim Rs As ADODB.Recordset
Set Rs = New ADODB.Recordset
    Rs.Open "select * from customer, Conn, OpenForwardOnly, adLockReadOnly
Set Rs = Nothing

This will make a 2d array

to get the first row and first col:var=ArrayRs(0,0)
to get the second row and first col:var=ArrayRs(0,1)
to get the third row and first col:var=ArrayRs(0,2)

to get the first row and second col:var=ArrayRs(1,0)
to get the second row and second col:var=ArrayRs(1,1)

To get number of row return:var=Ubound(ArrayRs,2)

Whit .GetRows You can move forward and backward by change the index of ArrayRs(?,?)

You can do something like this

For i=0 to Ubound(ArrayRs,2)
     debug.print ArrayRs(0,i) 'this will print all result for the first field of the table

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Comment to my last comment:

When i write
to get the first row and first col:var=ArrayRs(0,0)

col is the field number of your select

ex.:select userid, username


row is the result row


if the result is

userid name
______ ____
1      John
5      Paul

Row #1 is UserId# 1
Row #1 is UserId# 5

Ryan ChongCommented:
Hi, check the EOF status.
The problem could be related to your database ( I've had problems using .update and .delete when connecting to an AS/400 database). But try the follwing 2 things and see if either works (second solution will be slower!)

' Initialise
Dim RecSet As ADODB.Recordset
Set RecSet As New ADODB.Recordset  

'Open for dynamic read only navigation
RecSet.Open "Select * from customer", conn, adOpenDynamic, adLockReadOnly, adCmdText

'Check recordset contains something
If RecSet.EOF Then
   MsgBox("No records exist", vbOkOnly + vbInformation)
   Set RecSet = Nothing

' If .MovePrevious doesn't work here then try the following

' initialise integers
Dim RecCount as Integer
Dim RecNum as Integer

' store number of records in set
RecNum = RecSet.RecordCount

'store current record in set
RecCount = 1

'Use procedure to simulate MovePrevious
Call MovePrevious(RecSet,RecCount,RecNum)

'write procedure to simulate MovePrevious
Public Function MovePrevious(RecSet as ADODB.RecordSet,
                             RecCount as Integer,
                             RecNum as Integer)
Dim i as Integer

Select Case RecCount
   Case 1
      RecCount = RecNum
      Exit Function
   Case 2
      RecCount = 1
      Exit Function
   Case Else
      For i = 1 to RecCount - 1
      Next i
      RecCount = RecCount - 1
      Exit Function  
End Select

End Function


you could use adOpendynamic instead of adOpenKeyset
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