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My project contains 20 forms (Forms 5.0) and 23 reports(Reports 3.0). The database is Oracle 8.0 and the platform is Win 2000. Now I want to make a setup to install this project for those users who know nothing about Oracle or D2K. I dont want to use the File Packager and make the user install my project from the Oracle Installer. I want the user to run a simple SETUP.EXE file and the project should be directly usable for him. Please give the step by step process to do this if possible.

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schwertnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a hard task. You definitelly can make silent instalation of Oracle Client. The problem is the instalation of D2K Client - there is a dialog asking for Oracle Home. May be in Forms 5.0 you can share the same oracle home.

You can make silent instalation you can editing a response file with your options.
If your platform is NT then:
setup.exe -responsefile filename [-silent] [-nowelcome]
or if you have Solaris:
runInstaller -responsefile filename [-silent] [-nowelcome]
rocky_cruiseAuthor Commented:
Now Now !!! I dont want to install Developer 2000 on the machine. D2K is already installed on the machine. I just want MY forms and reports (i.e. forms and reports created my me in my project) to get installed on the machine in a proper way.
There are not issues to install Forms and Reports on a particular machine. You have simply download them in a directoty (i hope the tables are on the Server of course). There are some functions to create directories in NT - use them.
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You need not copy / install the forms / reports on each machine.

Keep these on a single machine preferably server with shared directory and map that for each machine.
If you use only one server for all users a option is to populate the Forms on the WEB using Forms Server and WEB Server. In this case you will have only one copy of Forms and Reports on the machine where Forms/Reports server runs. But this is not the old good client-server environment.
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