How to get "added" info from Document Properties

A salesmen fills out an order in the field.
The order has a "date" field which fills in using "Computed When Composed"
He sits on the order for 2 days and finally replicates to the server.
Then he claims he sent it in 2 days ago.
I can prove he didn't by looking at the "Added" field on the document Properties pop-up.
Is there any way to put the "Added" date and time in one of the Views for the database or add it to the document?
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Check out this link.  Maybe you could modify the code (if it works) and update a field in each document, then reference the field in your view.
We have the same problem with our sales people but our policy is that they must replicate at least once per day.  If they don't replicate then they basicly didn't create the order as far as we're concerned.
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a6106aAuthor Commented:
I read the blurb and I respect the assertion that there is no way to @command and get the info, but I'm going to hold out for a possible alternate suggestion.
I mean, if Document Properties displays the Date and Time of the addition to the database, it must reside somewhere.
Maybe someone has the answer.
a6106aAuthor Commented:
as for @Created, that won't work because we need the date and time he replicated, not created the doc.
a6106aAuthor Commented:
I entered the code as directed but got an "object not refrenced" error.
Not sure what that is..
Hmmm.... I don't have any more suggestions.  Can you step through in debug mode to pinpoint the error message?
Couldn't you create a view that shows the Last Modified date? I haven't tried this, so it may not work....but it's worth a try.
Mfay72, modified is not the same as ADDED TO FILE.  I'm sure the modified date is acceptible however since he waited to replicate the ADDED TO FILE date is the important date that is unacceptible.
Well, like I said...I didn't try it myself. I wasn't sure if it changed the last modified date when it added to file. Sorry.
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