CANNOT FIND ESS 1930s Audio Drivers For Windows 2000

I recently upgraded my pc from windows 98 to windows 2000 professional. The upgrade was successful but for the sound driver - ESS 1930s. The chipset does not seem to be supported by windows 2000 prof.
I have searched the website "" for  audio drivewrs but I cannot get this particular one  - ESS1930s
Can somebody help?
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mwinterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Addendum to previous post.

The above link takes you to a Microsoft search page.  Type in ESS Technology as the manufacturer, ES1930 as the model and Audio as the hardware component.  
This may not be directly supported under Win2k.  Have you tried the 98 drivers?  They may just work and prevent you from having to purchase a new sound card.  If not a new sound card may be your only option.
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Check Microsoft's Hardware Compatability List (HCL) at  As of 8/18/2000 the audio driver for the ESS Technology - ESS Allegro 1930 was still on the 'approved' list for use with Windows 2000 but as Microsoft always warns "conditions may change" so always check in to their website for the latest info.
What brand motherboard are you using.  I have had some success using the sound card drivers for ESS sound cards from Amptrons website.  I feel it is worth a shot as they sell motherboards that seem to be sold under a variety of "manufacturers".  Others that use similar chipsets are Alton boards and Matsonic.  It would be good to know which motherboard you are using as well as which devices.
Sorry about my previous link (non-functional).  Try this one instead:

The info on the page states that the manufacturer has provided a downloadable driver compatibile with Windows 2000.  You should also check you Windows 2000 CD-ROM as well.

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