Red Hat 7.1 has changed alot from 6.0

Alot has changed in redhat 7.1.

1) There's no more inetd.conf file to disable services.  What's the new way to do it?  is it xinetd.conf?  And if so, what should I modify?

2) How do I turn on/off ftpd?  I tried to ftp to my eth0 interface in Linux and it says 'connection refused'.  I found the KDE utility to change ftpd options, but it doesn't seem to be enabling the ftp service.

3) Does Linuxconf exist anymore?  (I didn't use it in 6.0 anyway).

4) How do I change the directory for httpd?  The new place 7.1 puts it is in '/var/(can't remember the rest)'.  I created a huge '/home' partition so that I could put all my web stuff there, but 7.1 does't put it there like 6.0 did.  I don't feel like repartitioning and making '/var' bigger, so I like to change the httpd directory to '/home/httpd/'.  I can't do it using the GNOME utility.

I'll have more questions later, but this should be enough for this question.
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vsamtaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. Yes and no. It's the various files inside /etc/xinetd. For each line in inetd.conf, RH7.1 now has a file in /etc/xinetd. The format of the file should be pretty much self-explanatory. Modify files just as you would have modified lines in inetd.conf. Make sure you look at the disable = yes | no line at the end of each file.

2. You may find that ftp is by default disabled in /etc/xinetd. Just a guess though - I haven't used ftpd in RH7.1

3. Linuxconf is still there - v1.19, I believe. I don't know if it's improved at all, though...

4. You can change all Apache options by looking in the config files httpd.conf and srm.conf.  ServerRoot <pathname> tells Apache where its own modules, conf and log files are, DocumentRoot (perhaps within a VirtualHost directive) tells it where to find documents to serve, and CacheRoot tells it where to store the cache if you're proxying through Apache.

Easiest way I found to manage the xinetd services ( if you installed them in the first place) is by just typing setup and then making a tick infront of the service you want to start in the System Services section.
If you install wu-ftp for instance as an rpm, you will notice that RedHat automatically adds wu-ftpd to the list of system services, allowing you to manage it via setup.
telnet and friends ( if installed) will also be in the list .
Concerning your Apache problems.
I personally NEVER let RedHAt install apache for me. The reason is as follow. RedHAt does a very basic install of apache and it spreads the apache files throughout the system to adhere to the standard redhat file locations. I always opt to install apache manually by downloading the tar.gz file from and then build it manually, this way I have full controll ver the location of the files and what gets built into it.
This way, if you install to say /opt/apache, you know all the apache files are in that folder and you can easily tell apache that you want your document root to be /home/httpd by editing the /opt/apache/conf/httpd.conf file.
I am new to Linux and am using RH7.1. This question caught my attention and cleared up some points. Thanks. I am attempting to use webmin for administration. Is there a problem doing that as most of the comments are command line oriented. I get called `DOSasaurus' as even under W9x and NT I tend to use DOS where it works better so I understand the command line orientation. At the same time a graphic interface is easier to learn and helps if I don't know where Linux puts what conf files.
GorGor2Author Commented:
2)  I'm still having problems with FTP.  I ran 'setup' and checked wu-ftpd as a service and rebooted the system.  Now when I try to ftp to my IP, it connects and just sits there forever.  It does the same thing from my windows machine.  I have some experience editing the /etc/ftpaccess file, but I'm not very good at it.  I can't run the KDE utility in xwindows because there's some kind of error that crashes the program everytime.  Should I try to reinstall Linux and see if things improve?  (In fact, almost every KDE utility I run crashes or doesn't run at all).
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