Executing a DTS package from a stored Procedure

Hi All

How can I execute a DTS package stored on my SQL Server from a stored procedure.

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iamariConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in the stored proc is like:

exec master..xp_cmdshell 'DTSRun /S (local) /U sa /P  /N myPackageName', NO_OUTPUT

where User id (sa) and Password (if existing) should be provided
no_output prevents the server from sending back the "Loading... " message to user
look at dts_run and xp_cmdshell.
Or you could set the job to run under the scheduler then use sp_startjob.
oops dtsrun
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demmickAuthor Commented:
I know of the dtsrun comand but I can't use it in the Query analyser.  I am assuming that it will work in the stored procedure if it works in the query analyser.
you can't use dtsrun directly from qa or sp, since it's a DOS command, you need to run it via xp_cmdshell (blocking) or add a job and use sp_startjob in your sp.
Read about "How can I run a DTS package from within SQL Server - e.g. a stored-procedure?"

Hope this helps
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