How much a computer is worth

I have the Compaq 5BW220 and would like to know about how much it is worth. If anyone knows a website that would tell that, please post it here. I'll tell you my computer hardware so you could figure it out if you can find a website.

Windows ME
Celeron 633 Mhz
32x CD-ROM
128 MB PC 100 SD-RAM
11 MB Integrated Video Card
Sound Card Integrated
13 GB Hard Drive
3 1/2" Floppy Drive
4 USB Ports (2 in back + 2 in front)
56k Modem
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ComTechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Questions as these should not even be asked on EE in the first place.  Any comment given is conjecture and no proper soultion can be given.

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The answer is "only what someone is willing and ABLE to pay you for it".  Regardless of what you think it's worth, or what someone else tells you it's worth, only a willing and able buyer is fully capable of setting a value.

In that light, I've found the best resource is an auction site like EBay.  Search the recently sold items for this or similar models and see what successful sellers have received for them.

There are "used computer" price services but in my view they are worthless.
If the machine is still available then you can expect to sell it for between 50% and 75% of the current selling price.

If compaq don't sell it at the moment then look for the cheapest pc which is available brand new with the same specs (ignore the ram, 128mb ram is about 20 pounds or 30 dollars) you then have to think about 50 to 75% of that as a maximum.

When selling a pc, the software counts for nothing.  People who can't afford a new pc and buy second hand usually get copies of software from friends or work.

In the uk you can buy a new machine for about 500 pounds with that spec - compaq would add a couple of hundred to the price though.

For insurance purposes though you need to think of replacement cost which is higher than selling cost.

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Compgeeks has an equivalent spec "refurbished" (reseller code for second hand with the dust blown off) system with a 12 month warranty for just $340 US no monitor or OS though, but savvy PC buyers will be looking at deals like this when considering your system. You could probably get $400 from this type of buyer because of ME etc being installed if you have all the licenses. Allow $100 extra for a good 15inch monitor $150 extra for a 17 inch to $200 for a premium quality one. You can get more for it in a local newspaper classifieds if you are not in a large city. In a local newspaper you could probably get $700 US upwards for a complete system, online classifieds $5-600, as a new user on eBay with no history, you may be lucky to top $300. Tip, setting systems up with free internet is a good selling point. For insurance purposes, value it at the cheapest current Compaq model that at least meets that spec as far as hdd and RAM goes, as sold in a retail store such as Radio Shack, probably about $900.


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Compaq's factory refurbished website is selling model 5BW1which is really close to your model (Celeron 700 instead of 633) for $449USD not including monitor.  That's at least what Compaq thinks they can get for it. Like jhance says, anything's only worth the amount of cash you can get someone to hand over.

Here is a rediculously long URL showing where Compaq is selling the 5BW1:

Just out of curiosity, can you tell us why you need to value this system?  Are you selling it to a friend, relative, enemy, or any combination thereof?  Did your house get robbed/flooded/burned and you need an insurance claim value?

Masterpjz9Author Commented:
I am thinking of selling it
Well, if I was selling it, I'd advertise it as '$450 negotiable' and see what gets offered, since to be fair, that's the price anyone could pay for the roughly same used system from Compaq.  If you sold a monitor with it at that price, you'll be more likely to get offers close or at that price.  Compaq isn't tossing in monitors for that price.

You will almost certainly have to take less than $450 given the current price of new computers, but that's sounds like a reasonable price from which you can start negotiating.  An exact selling price is impossible for me to predict.

Used computers don't bring in much return compared to their original purchase prices, but that's just the nature of the industry.

Good luck,
Best place is to check  It'll tell you where the market is at.

Sorry for the bad news, but it's probably not worth over $400 or so.
If you live in a small or medium sized city, an ad in the local newspaper will be better than EBay since EBay users expect lower prices because there are more people selling there.
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>>Questions as these should not even be asked on EE in the first place.  Any comment given is conjecture
and no proper soultion can be given.

I disagree with that opinion.  It's a legitimate question and while a specific answer cannot be given, guidance as to how a proper valuation could be made is possible and was indeed given in the comments to this question.

I think you have close this question improperly as there are legitimate comments posted that could have been accepted as answers if Masterpjz9 has ever shown his face here again after asking it....
jhance, who's if any should I have picked, yours, magrity, cooljudson, kneea, or RoadWarrior's.  All of the comments have something to do with the question, who's did the author choose.

Without his/her comment, there is no way of knowing.  Can't do a points split when a customer doesn't return.  The point splits come from us, not the author when they do not respond.

BTW-Policy is to PAQ EVERY Q that does not reply to my Notif.  I have show much leaniancy in thei regard.

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>>jhance, who's if any should I have picked, yours, magrity, cooljudson, kneea, or RoadWarrior's

I didn't express a recommendation in that matter.  I disagreed with your opinion that this question, in and of itself, was inappropriate for this topic area.

I think a valid solution on your part would be to say, "Sever experts gave comments which seem relevant and may have been useful to the solution but I'm unable to pick one as best..."
Point taken.

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