Capture data from COM ports

I have a component (from Microsoft) to capture data that is coming into a COM port. Where can I find another component to do that same thing with NO problems? I've had so many trouble with Microsoft's that I NEED to change the thing !

Thanks a lot in advance !

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Turbopowers are stupidly expensive though for port components..

best place to look would be

marco coccos is a good one  (TComdrv32)
theres also a Async32 pack which is good

and Asyncfree also worth a look :
if u agree to pay for something that is really very good than use Async from 

It's the best that I ever meet and I looked a lot . Working with it for almost 4 years ...

inthe :
u r wrong .....
the package from turbopower is a real professional one is working very good ..
it's quite expensive but it's not only comport it's everything including TAPI and modems and anything u want conneted to communications ...

u can't even compare it .....

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Check out Varian Async 32

freeware, you are allowed to use the software in freeware, shareware and commercial software without registration fee. Support and full source code are available after registration.

inthe, I would say Async Pro is very good :)
ajgonzalezmAuthor Commented:
Hey... THANK YOU ALL !!! Let me take a look at all that places and I'll get back to you


as inthe says, has some good serial communications components to be highly recommended. That's where I got one of them which made it a snap to write a phone system monitoring proggie (hooked to IB 6.01 server for storing data).

At about a 1000 calls a day not a flaw for the last 2 months or so. Async Pro is indeed very good, but had I checked torry's site first, I would have never spend the $$$ Turbo Power asked. If you need some extra goodies, though, such as encapsulation of pagers etc AsyncPro os the thing to go for

Personal I always loved to work with the best and if it was something for my job the $ for TurboPowere wasn't so much ... for me at home is something else..
The TP Async have a lot of features including capability to work with TAPI and faxes and so on .....

ajgonzalezmAuthor Commented:
Inthe: You got the points because I finally used asyncfree but I'd like to thank you ALL.

Daniel: I also like to use the best, but unfortunatelly this time I didn't have the money.

Thank you all !!!

Have a nice day :-)

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