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How do I begin writing a web shop in ASP? What do I need to think of? Are there any links to how to make a webshop?


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CJ_SConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I was serious also. You need an application which can store all items which people "want" to buy from your webstore. It's the main-goal you have in your whole site, selling things. So you need to be sure that it works 100% correctly.

next to that is the payment-stuff. Depending on how much you would like to investigate there are a couple of ways...like online-credit card stuff etc.

Just search at www.downloads.com for shopping cart and see what you get returned.

Sample source code for such a thing will probably also available, but won't always be good code. The easiestr thing for you would probably by using the Session-object in asp.

Session("ItemToBuy1") = 267

and then the number will be an ID in your product-database...I'm just saying something. It's an option...

Begin by designing and then coding :) Check out this link for some ASP code: http://www.asptoday.com
You begin by creating yourself or buying a good Shopping Cart.

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NusseAuthor Commented:
NusseAuthor Commented:
But seriously, I really need example code for a web shop. Not a full-sized one, just something to get me started...

NusseAuthor Commented:
And asptoday costs money!
NusseAuthor Commented:
PLease give me a day or two to check up on this. I'm rather busy at the moment with a couple of other things... :-)

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