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Where can I find An Application that converts .mpg, .dat, .asf files to .avi files to edit?
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dmarcoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi alkomy,

try AIST MovieXOne. It's a very good video editing software that allows you to  manipulate mpg files and convert it to AVI format. I don't know if you can also convert .dat and .asf files, but I  used the program for mpg videos and it worked fine.
AIST says :"Import/Export of all standard formats (all formats are PlugIns and can be added to at any time)"
You can download MovieXOne as a freeware at the following URL : 

Cheers Marco.
alkomyAuthor Commented:
Hi Dmarco
I'm Sorry for delay. I'll Try and then evaluate.
Thanks alot.
alkomyAuthor Commented:
It solved the problem partally.
Glad I could help

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