Get the ODBC database type from ADO

  Could someone advice me how I could find the database
type after I have made a ADO connection to it from a ODBC
data source.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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WalterMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can inspect the connection object's properties collection to obtain additional information.

Assuming that your connection string is stored in a variable called ConStr, try this:

--- example code ---

Dim Con As ADODB.Connection

Con.Open ConStr  ' Use you own connection string here

With Con.Properties
    Debug.Print "OLE DB Version"; Tab(30); " = "; .Item("OLE DB Version").Value
    Debug.Print "DBMS Name"; Tab(30); " = "; .Item("DBMS Name").Value
    Debug.Print "DBMS Version"; Tab(30); " = "; .Item("DBMS Version").Value
    Debug.Print "Provider Name"; Tab(30); " = "; .Item("Provider Name").Value
    Debug.Print "Provider Friendly Name"; Tab(30); " = "; .Item("Provider Friendly Name").Value
    Debug.Print "Provider Version"; Tab(30); " = "; .Item("Provider Version").Value
End With

--- end example code ---

Hope this helps,

I'm not entirely sure what you're after, but see if this helps:

There is a PROVIDER property, that can have the following values, though this is usually set before you connect:
  MSIDXS - Index Server
  ADSDSOOBject - Active Directory Services
  Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 - MS Jet Databases
  MSDAORA - Oracle
  MSDataShape - MS Data Shape
  MSDAIPP.DSO.1 - Internet Publishing
  MSDAOSP - OLE DB, simple tablular format
  MSPersist - Persisting rs Objects

Hope this is helpful
The Provider property is all I can think of also.
If your data environment is called DataEnvironment1 and your connection is called DataConnect then use:
This will return something close to the list provided by dbirdman. For SQL Server I get SQLOLEDB.1
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