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How can I burn long file names (more than 64 chars)

I have quite a few files I want to burn to CD that have names longer than 64 chars, but of course the Joliet 64 char restriction is biting me.

I don't want to zip the files, I need them directly accessible from the CD.

Is there:

1.  A software burner than relaxes Joliet restrictions (I have Nero)
2.  A database app that would store all original filenames to a file on the CD, along with its own small viewer app for browsing and opening files (free or shareware)
3. Another method?
1 Solution
How about creating an html page which lists the files with the long filename and links to the short version filename on the cd
If you can get by with shortened names, you could run xcopy32 from DOS and copy the desired files to another location on the drive (an empty folder). This will shorten the file names and make them able to be copied by your current software.
porearAuthor Commented:
I'll consider the html idea, its certainly something I hadn't thought of.  I'm really trying for a generic solution that wouldn't be so labor intensive and require such manual "case by case" operations.  If I have to when I find time I might attempt writing a small program that employs cross referencing method #2 above, I was hoping someone else had already done it.  It certainly seems like a useful feature for one of the big guys to incorporate into an existing burner program.

XCOPY really isn't needed, Nero will accept the long names for input and perform the name conversion to shortened Joliet or ISO9660, but I can't live with the shortened names.  
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Use NTI's CDmaker.

It supports the "Romeo" cd format that can handle 128 chars.

Romeo is defined as Windows 95 long file names only, up to 128 characters. NTI CD-Maker 2000, Version 4.0 and above, supports the Romeo file system.

very punny this romeo and joliet stuff.

I don't know of any other CD writer software that does this.
And for a utilty that can store long file names try

Duncan Murdoch's DOSLFN

I don't know what version it is now but it can save and restore long file names for you.

Do a search on Google for it.
If you don't mind c, c++, visual basic, basic, etc then you could write a small program to all the work.

1) read directory into an array

2) open output.html files

3) write html header info
       <title>Page title</title>

4) for each array entry
   x=new shortname for file
   add link to html file
       <A href="x">longfile name</a></br>
   rename long_name short_name

5) write html footer

6) close output.html file

You could even add an autorun feature to the CD which would open the html file.  You just have to run it.  It can be a really smart affair if you use some nice graphics and layout.
I forgot to mention, if you want to keep the original names, copy the files to a temp directory, with the output.html file ready for burning.  You might like to call the output file index.html and copy any necessary gifs and jpegs into the directory too.  Perfect for putting on the web then!
porearAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the great tips.  I'm tied up for the next few days but will tackle this over the weekend.  

I had started thinking more about the html idea and a simple script/program to process the files seems like an attractive idea.  I have a feeling this program would get a lot of airplay someplace like, maybe I'd be a shareware millionaire :P

If I copy each CD's contents to a temp directory first it will have to be CD by CD, because I've got over 20G of data to burn.  My hard drive is nearly full!

I will check out the Romeo burner also, that might be the quickest and easiest solution.
echo LongDir.bat
Dir/x  >  Long.txt
Type Long.txt
porearAuthor Commented:
I went ahead and downloaded CD Maker, it resolves my issue.  I contacted Nero but they were unreceptive to supporting Romeo.  These are MP3s and I did double check that the big MP3 player manufacturers still support this format - they do.  Thanks!
porearAuthor Commented:
kneea:  I really liked your idea about the html cross reference generator.  At some point when I have time I still might pursue writing such a utility.  I'll be asking EE's Community Support to shoot some points your way.  Thanks a lot for the suggestion!
porearAuthor Commented:
I have added another quesion to the General Hardware topic area as "Points for kneea".  Stop by to collect!  I had thought Community Support cold directly transfer the points for me but apparently this is the method they prefer.
Thanks for the offer of points.  Don't make too much effort though.

Making html pages to view your CDROM can be quite professional - especially if you use some nice graphics.

(I have more then 8gb of music on my pc because I have tranferred my entire cd collection to hard drive!)
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