Routing and Remote Access

I have a W2K Server box setup doing NAT between my ADSL modem and the internal LAN. No probs really in setting it up and the translation seems to work fine for all the machines in the LAN.

I've also installed a modem on this server and would like to dial into it for remote access. I can establish a RAS session (from another W2K machine with a modem) and can see (ping) the machines on the inside LAN.

What I cannot seem to figure out is how to configure the server so that the RAS dialled in user can also access the Internet via the DSL.

For some reason when I do an ipconfig (on the dialled in box) it shows my gateway as the same as the ip address (i.e. something like

The Gateway should (I would have thought) be set to the server itself

Any ideas on how to set the gateway for RAS users?

Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Can this even be done at all?

Do I need some static routes or something like that?

You help is appreciated.

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AvonWyssConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In RRAS on the server (!), create a dial-on-demand interface named exactly the same as the dialin user. Put anything as password and destination number.

This interface will be used on the server when the user dials in. Because of this, you can add the user's interface to the NAT as private interface, et voila, he will have access via the NAT.

This wortks also for VPN connection, and it's also useful if you need to assign some special routes to a specific user.

Can you point to some info on this or elaborate a bit? This sounds like a useful technique.


The limitation of Windows 2000 RRAS is that you can only have no more than one NAT routing.

And ... Windows 2000's implementation of NAT requires exactly two interfaces - one, and only one private, and one, and only one public.

Surely you're free to create as many interfaces as you like. But you can only assign ONE private interface for NAT. Unfortunately, that one happens to be the internal LAN adapter, so anything else is out of luck.

ONE, and only ONE private interface!
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Portang, sorry but you're wrong. You can have as many interfaces (both public and private) as you want for NAT. The routing is done in regards of the routing table and can include several interfaces. I use this all the time myself.

Dave, Windows 2000 RAS will connect an existing DOD interface to a connecting user if the interface has the user's name. This allows to have special routes or bindings (NAT for instance) for single users. You could say that DOD interfaces are not only outgoing, but also ingoing.
> You can have as many interfaces (both public and private) as you want for NAT.

Maybe I'm wrong ... but I do have trouble adding more than two interfaces into the "Network Address Translation" routing protocol.
Portang, be my guest and look at my NAT config (it's in German, but you'll get the idea) here:

I have two public interfaces ("Internet" and "Internet ISDN") and three private interfaces ("LAN-Verbindung", "VPN-Mammut" and "VPN-Goliath"). This works like a charm.
This is amazing. I'll go ahead and give it a try.

Thanks a lot Avon. A picture is worth a thousand words!
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