Everybody's Favourite, Kernel Recompilation


I have decided to recompile my linux kernel and, unsurprisingley, I'm having trouble. At the moment I am running 2.4.3 with Mandrake 8.0. I tried to recompile 2.4.3 and the image compiled correctly but it wouldn't compile some modules (ethernet drivers). The image would boot, but without the modules it was no use to me. So I decided to give up on that and download 2.4.5. This compiles, modules and all. However when I tried to boot from the image it got as far as

LILO: linux2.4.5
Uncompressing kernel... ok running linux (or something like that)

At this point the computer just hangs. It seems tome like there is nothing wrong with the compile, but maybe I'm not setting it up to boot correctly. Does this sound right? I have tried

#cp /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz
#cp /usr/src/linux/System.map /boot/System.map
#vi lilo.conf




I have also tried,

#cd /usr/src/linux
#installkernel bzImage /usr/src/linux/System.map

Have I missed anything out of this? Is there something moreI need to do to get a new kernel to boot?

Thanks for your time.


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If you can still boot with the old kernel, it usually means one thing, you didn't make all the correct choices when selecting the kernel parameters. I suggest running make xconfig again and carefully go through the list of kernel parameters.
Well, what you've done is rather dangerous!
I normally install the new kernel along side the old one so that if something goes wrong with the new one, you just boot with the old.
Here's how;
Download the kernel code, unpak it to say /opt/newkernel.
Now, cd /opt/newkernel
From within X, make xconfig
Select all the options you want compiled into the new kernel, save and exit
make dep
make modules
make modules_install
make bzImage

Now, when finished,
cp /opt/newkernel/arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/bzImage

Now, just edit your lilo.conf file as follow

*keep the existing stuff as is*
Just add to the bottom


save & exit,
run lilo and voila!
Now when booting up you will see you have two options, your original "Linux"
AND the linux2.4.5

This way, should you bugger things up, you can just re-boot with the original and try again.

You shouldn't do anything with system map or EVER write over the boot image currently in use.

You probably already bunged things up on that system and will most probably have to re-install the system, except if you have a boot floppy.
GilesBAuthor Commented:
Thanks for this. However I didn't overwrite anything and I haven't bunged up the system. I did leave my old kernel bootable. To make things simple I didn't type the full lilo.conf and just wrote the commands as if I had wanted to overwrite everything (the end result is the same). In reality it was more like

#cp bzImage /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.5
#cp System.map /boot/System.map-2.4.5

So there is no need for concern there :) However the problem remains that my new kernel won't boot. Anybody experienced anything like this before? (see above)


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DId you compile it for console support on serial device? That could cause it to look like it hangs after the kernel uncompresses, because it changes to output on the serial device.

That option is under ''Character devices"...
Did you compile the kernel for the right CPU type?  2.4 defaults to P2s.

when you compile a new kernel make sure that your sevices are in the kernel and (if you want) the drive can be a module. ie; networking should not be a module but you can make the NIC card drive one if you want. Most of the time i like to make the base stuff that dont change much part of the kernel and them the stuff that can cause problems like sound a module.

Check your mobo and like above the cpu. also read all the help file and go with the recommended setting if you don't know what to do. don't get to worryed about the size of the kernel untill you can get it to work. then start to play with it and slowly cut the fat out. ckeck and see if there is a Linux Users Group in your area as some one to walk you though it a few time makes all the difference in the world.

just my two cents

How old is your version of lilo?  Versions before 21 were not able to boot the kernel image if it happened to appear on the disk on cylinders above 1024.  The new compiled image may well be above that limit.  Try lilo -V and see what you get; upgrade if necessary.
maybe you can try Grub instead of lilo
ps: kernel 2.4.7 is out
Agree with comotai & psimation.
First glance shows the comotai comment.
More can be the trouble as psimation suggested
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