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Windows 2000 Professional TCP/IP Limitations

Hopefully a quick and easy question: What are the TCP/IP limitations of Windows 2000 Professional when compared to Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server?  My organization is looking at installing an internet application and we need to know if we can get away with using W2K Professional, if there are no big TCP/IP limitations.

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-Only 10 simutanious connections to a PRo machine...
-Server unlimitted
-Advanced= unlimitted & 2 types of clustering possible.

I dont see any limitations for TCP/IP, on the contrary the TCP/IP protocol is an open standard and that's why its the most popular now, I even heard that Netware (the only OS using a different routing protocol) are planning to use TCP/IP instead of IPX/SPX ...

maybe the only limitation is IP version 5, which is going to be replaced by IP version 6. and this is not a microsoft windows case though.

for your Internet application, you can host one website on windows 2000 Professional computers, while you can host theoritically unlimited websites on windows servers using the IIS (internet information service)

so if this is your question, if u are asking if you can install your web application on a windows 2000 professional, yes you can using the personal web server using Control Panel / ADD REMOVE Programs / Windows Components / and chooose the Internet Information Services

very easy, and then you can install your web application on a (one) website.

Hope i answered your query

Best Of Luck | Khaled
There are no limitations in the TCPIP protocol itself on W2K SERVER vs. Professional.  Some of the Microsoft APPLICATIONS (like the IIS that can be installed on Pro) are limitied in the number of connections they support but this is NOT a TCPIP protocol limitation.

Since you are considering your own application here you will not see any differences between SERVER and PRO due to the TCPIP PROTOCOL ITSELF.
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bigfig Technically these other commentor's are correct.. The actual protocol stack & tcp suite is the same in 2000 PRO as even Data Ceneter server...
-Since you specifically mentioned a web application... I just wanted you to see as clearly as possible that M$ limitted the connections to a Win2k web site for example to 10... 10 users connected to a share in a win2k pro also...

-Im sure this has everything to do with marketing of course.... They did it specifically to cover exactly the type of scenario you are describing & make sure profitability is maximized by forcing you to conscider 2000 server as the minimal version to use..
Housenet ... though I agree with the technical part of your comment, yet ... I'd like you to know that it's more logic for a (workstation) running an OS like (w2k professional) to just act as a (workstation) that logs on (servers) to get (services) but not offering (services) itself ... this is a typical use of a (workstation) ... so its designed that way, and surely its hardware requirements accomodates its usage, and since there is a need to other computers that provide (services), thats why they have a (server) with higher specs and the ability to handle the logons of those need to be (served) ... in short, let's not relate everything to marketing and stuff, because we have logic here ...

Best Wishes | Khaled
kshalaby I've worked in this industry for many years now & I agree with your point...There is some truth to what you say... You do need better more powerful computers for programs like sql servers & exchange servers etc....
-Try & keep in mind the fact that a 386 with 8 MB Ram running unix can server 1-100 users, running a buisness application.
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