How to compress AVI file using any of the Codec in VB?

I have an uncompressed AVI file (no audio layer). I want to compress it using CODECs installed on my system (DivX, Leadtec, ... whatewer). Sample code anybody?
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if you just need a tool for compressing and do not need to do it through code use the following tool:

they have a free format converter which will allow you to specify the compression method
kojotAuthor Commented:
Very kind of you to post this URL, but I need CODE SAMPLE, for I want to have full control over the procedure.
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kojotAuthor Commented:
OK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx a lot:)=
You're welcome.....
kojotAuthor Commented:
TheRedGuy hi!

One more Q: I used the sample code there to encode AVi .. that's cool. But there is one more issue - I cannot figure out hot to pre-set codec I want to use for compressing (user must mannually select it) and it's verry frustrating.

Have you been working on this problem or/and have any suggestions?
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