Solaris 2.7 Networking Question

Ok Folks,
          I'm a solaris newbie who needs some guidance. I'm an Oracle DBA who's sysadmin is away enjoying himself in Vienna. Predictably enough yesterday one of the disks on a development server here died a death and was replaced by an engineer. He reinstalled Solaris 2.7 and went away happy. He used the same IP address and hostname as had been used before. We had usually connected to this server using a Reflections session over the network. We are now unable to connect over the network. The server in question is a part of a subnet and can be reached by other members of that subnet, but can't be reached from outside of it. According to a guy here who's been trying to help it doesn't appear as if the problem server can see the 'default gateway'. I suspect I have to add a route to this server but that's about as far as my networking knowledge extends (not far eh ?).

I'd very much appreciate any guidence you might have to offer,

Mick Rice.
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mshivdasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Create the file /etc/defaultrouter with the IP address of your default gateway as the sole entry.
The default route to your gateway needs setting up, as you suspected..

route -n add default x.x.x.x 1

where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the default gateway, should restore connectivity.
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Mick_RiceAuthor Commented:
How do I make the new route persistent ?

From Community Support:
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Mick_RiceAuthor Commented:
My sincere apologies for not posting a comment earlier. I realise that may have appeared rude. I very much appreciate the help I recieved in this forum. I didn't award an 'A' grade in this case because I had some difficulty in implementing the solution offered. I am prepared to accept however that in light of the guidelines posted by the moderator I should have awarded a higher grade. Perhaps its symtomatic of the very high standard of advice available here that I have come to expect more complete advice every time. If my response in this case was less than adequate I again apologise and will make note of the guidelines for the future.

I apologize for assuming that you knew more than you know.

You could, however, have just asked for clarification and I would have given you a keystroke by keystroke answer.
>If my response in this case was less than adequate I again apologise and will make note of the
guidelines for the future.

Thanks for responding Mick.  From my viewpoint, it is not a problem not awarding an "A" grade, but you should definitely give the experts a chance to help you if you are having difficulties with their solutions.  :-)

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