How do you activate an agent?


l have an shared agent built to extract informations for all new inbound mail. l used the setting "After New Mail Has Arrived" and "Newly received mail documents" for the part "When should this agent run?" and "Which document(s) should it act on?" respectively.

The agent works fine, but the only problem is that the agent does not seems to get trigger when there is a new mail coming in. When l refresh the Notes Client, l can see the new mail in the inbox, but somehow the agent did not get trigger. Is there any setting that l must do, or some exception rules on this particular form of triggering that l am not aware of? Right now, l have to open up Designer, highlight the agent, and force it to run.

Any suggestion would be very much appreciated.

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tgebruikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you've designed a great agent, what do you do when it won't run?

Follow this link and solve it!!!

check the field $MachineName in the agent properties (from the list of agents). This field has to be set to the server its running on. If it's not correct create a new agent and just copy-paste the code...
Is this agent run on server or client ???

Do you see any errors ???

Secondly, Do you use any UI functions or objects ???

Read this article. As this helped another person with same kind of question:

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Jean Marie GeeraertsConnect With a Mentor Application EngineerCommented:
If the client is running on the server you should check the following settings in notes.ini of your server :

Make sure they are all set to 0 in notes.ini to trigger your agent directly after the respective events occur on your server.
The same is valid for an agent running in the client I guess.

Also check if you're running your agent on the server if you have sufficient access to run restricted/unrestricted agents on the server. You can verify this in the server's document on the Security tab.
Under Agent Restrictions, your name or a group you belong to should be entered under Run Restricted LotusScript/Java agents and Run unrestricted LotusScript/Java agents.
mikecktAuthor Commented:

Thxs for the info.

First, the mail agent run on the server, and it does not have any UI objects or functions. To test the agent is running properly, l initially set it to run manually from the Action menu. When l execute the agent, no error message show up on the screen. Infact, the appropriate record is generated in my Information Collection Notes Database. But when l changed the agent to execute on the arrival of new mail, the agent never seems to get trigger.

Secondly, the field $MachineName in the agent properties is confirmed set to the server of which the agent reside. l have also set the necessary access right in the server document for the necessary personels and groups to  run the restricted/unrestricted LotusScript/Java agents.

l also tried the following parameters in server's notes.ini, but still no result.


Is there a spelling mistake in the parameters "AMGR_NEWMAILAGENTMINITERVAL" and "AMGR_NEWMAILEVENTDALY"? In any case, l have tried setting "AMGR_NEWMAILAGENTMININTERVAL" and "AMGR_NEWMAILEVENTDELAY", and in both cases, nothing happened. By the way, is there any documents on all these agent parameters? Where l can find information on agent parameters?

l have yet to try out using the Agent Manager debugging tool, but should there be any further suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thxs in advance.
Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
Yep, sorry it should be :

You can set these values by createing a configuration document in the Domino Directory using the Administration client. You can select the values to set from a list.

Open the correct server in the Administration client, select the Configuration tab and then select Server, Configurations in the left pane.
If there is no existing configuration document, click Add Configuration, otherwise just edit the existing document for your server.
In the NOTES.INI Settings tab, click on the Set/Modify Parameters button (only visible when you're editing the document).
In the dialog box, click on the arrow next to the Item field to open a selection list, select the value to set enter the value in the Value field and click on the Next button. If you've set all parameters this way, click on OK.
Save the configuration document and restart the server to have the changes take effect immediately or wait until the changes take effect (the time this takes varies depending on your server configuration).
This way you're sure there are no spelling error.

In effect, what these parameters do is make sure your agent starts immediately when an event occurs and not wait for 5 minutes or half an hour before executing.

Have you also checked if you have sufficient access to execute restricted/unrestricted agents ?
Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
Oops, just reread your comment and looks like you've covered what I suggested. (I was a bit too quick to respond, guess it's a monday thing).
Documentation on NOTES.INI-settings is very difficult to find, best resource is to browse the Notes Gold Forum on
Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
Also, found a link on to a document about Troubleshooting agent problems, maybe this can help you too :

(Sorry, to post this in three comments, but as I said, it's a Monday thing)

To jerrith!!!

I think it's really a monday thing seeing you pointing to the same web site I suggested to solve this problem.. :-))
Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication EngineerCommented:
It happens ;-)
I guess I used the same searchstring on and found the same results, huh ?
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