Form management

I try to design multiple form (2 forms) within a single mdi. it look like VB editor layout which is there is a properties window and project explorer window within a single mdi.

i know how to load both mdi child into mdi parent. but what i don't know is to merge both mdi child and make it split by something splitter (just like vb editor layout).
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MicrosoftConnect With a Mentor Commented:

'variable to hold the width of the splitter bar
 Private Const SPLT_WDTH As Integer = 20

'variable to hold the last-sized position
 Private currSplitPosX As Long

'variable to hold the horizontal
'and vertical offsets of the 2 controls
 Dim CTRL_OFFSET As Integer

'variable to hold the Splitter bar colour

Private Sub Form_Load()

  Dim msg As String    

 'set the startup variables

 'set the current splitter bar position to an
 'arbitrary value that will always be outside
 'the possible range.  This allows us to check
 'for movement of the splitter bar in subsequent
 'mousexxx subs.
  currSplitPosX = &H7FFFFFFF
  ListLeft.AddItem "Left list Item 1"
  ListLeft.AddItem "Left list Item 2"
  ListLeft.AddItem "Left list Item 3"
  ListLeft.AddItem "Left list Item 4"
  ListLeft.AddItem "Left list Item 5"

  msg = msg & "This code demonstrates how to "
  msg = msg & "implement a splitter bar in a "
  msg = msg & "Visual Basic Project." & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
  msg = msg & "It's actions are controlled through "
  msg = msg & "the MouseDown, MouseMove and MouseUp "
  msg = msg & "subs of the Splitter PictureBox, and "
  msg = msg & "the Resize event of the form."
  TextRight.Text = msg
 'assure that the splitter will appear over the controls
  Splitter.ZOrder 0
End Sub

Private Sub mnuEnd_Click()
   Unload Me

End Sub

Private Sub splitter_MouseMove(Button As Integer, _
                               Shift As Integer, _
                               x As Single, y As Single)
  'change the icon to a left-right sizing icon  
   Splitter.MousePointer = 9
   If Button = vbLeftButton Then
 'if the splitter has been moved...
      If currSplitPosX <> &H7FFFFFFF Then
        'if the current position <> default, reposition
        'the splitter and set this as the current value
         If CLng(x) <> currSplitPosX Then
            Splitter.Move Splitter.Left + x, _
                          CTRL_OFFSET, SPLT_WDTH, _
                          ScaleHeight - (CTRL_OFFSET * 2)
           currSplitPosX = CLng(x)
         End If
      End If  'If currSplitPosX
   End If  'If Button

End Sub

Private Sub splitter_MouseUp(Button As Integer, _
                             Shift As Integer, _
                             x As Single, y As Single)
 'if the splitter has been moved...
  If currSplitPosX <> &H7FFFFFFF Then
     'if the current position <> the last
     'position do a final move of the splitter
      If CLng(x) <> currSplitPosX Then
        Splitter.Move Splitter.Left + x, _
                     CTRL_OFFSET, SPLT_WDTH, _
                     ScaleHeight - (CTRL_OFFSET * 2)
      End If
     'call this the default position
      currSplitPosX = &H7FFFFFFF
     'restore the normal splitter colour
      Splitter.BackColor = &H8000000F
     'and check for valid sizing.
     'Either enforce the default minimum & maximum widths for
     'the left list, or, if within range, set the width
      If Splitter.Left > 60 And Splitter.Left < (ScaleWidth - 60) Then
            'the pane is within range
             ListLeft.Width = Splitter.Left - ListLeft.Left  
      ElseIf Splitter.Left < 60 Then          
            'the pane is too small
             ListLeft.Width = 60
      Else: 'the pane is too wide
             ListLeft.Width = ScaleWidth - 60  
      End If
     'reset the cursor
      Splitter.MousePointer = 0  
     'reposition both lists, and the splitter bar
  End If
End Sub

Private Sub splitter_MouseDown(Button As Integer, _
                               Shift As Integer, _
                               x As Single, y As Single)
    If Button = vbLeftButton Then
       'change the splitter colour
        Splitter.BackColor = SPLT_COLOUR
       'set the current position to x
        currSplitPosX = CLng(x)
       'not the left button, so...
       'if the current position <> default, cause a MouseUp
        If currSplitPosX <> &H7FFFFFFF Then
           splitter_MouseUp Button, Shift, x, y
        End If
       'set the current position to the default value
        currSplitPosX = &H7FFFFFFF
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Resize()
  Dim x1 As Integer
  Dim x2 As Integer
  Dim height1 As Integer
  Dim width1 As Integer
  Dim width2 As Integer
  On Error Resume Next

 'set the height of the controls
  height1 = ScaleHeight - (CTRL_OFFSET * 2)
  width1 = ListLeft.Width
  x2 = x1 + ListLeft.Width + SPLT_WDTH - 1
  width2 = ScaleWidth - x2 - CTRL_OFFSET
 'move the left list
  ListLeft.Move x1 - 1, CTRL_OFFSET, width1, height1
 'move the right list
  TextRight.Move x2, CTRL_OFFSET, width2 + 1, height1
 'reposition the splitter bar
  Splitter.Move x1 + ListLeft.Width - 1, _
               CTRL_OFFSET, SPLT_WDTH, height1
End Sub
azsoftAuthor Commented:
as you said we use splitter to split the thing. But i still don't get how we want to merge 2 form (within mdi) and between them is a splitter which is we can drag with mouse down.
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