Disable run specific exe file

Do you know how to disable user to run some specifics file
such as setup.exe or install.exe, I found the way to enable some files that we allow user to run but we need to
add many exes files to registry. Can any one suggest me some kind of 3rd party or how to modify registry ??
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LeeTutorConnect With a Mentor retiredCommented:
You might be able to put to use one of these shareware utilities, described in a comment from another great expert, CrazyOne:


Sentinel is an interesting security utility you can use to apply very specific restrictions to files on your PC. It runs from the system tray, enforcing restictions you've imposed on selected files and folders. The specific security options are available from a new tab the program adds to the Properties dialog box you can access by right-clicking any file or folder in Explorer. You can log and/or deny access to any unauthorized user that attempts to open, read, and/or write to files, and you can deny access to the contents of selected folders. An available control panel allows you to toggle this functionality on and off, and turn it off for a specific period of time. Other features include stealth mode and logging support. Sentinel is a snap to use, and provides the power and versatility you need to protect your sensitive data files. Shareware: Free to try, $34.95 if you decide to keep it.



Encryption Plus? Folders Freeware is a powerful utility that protects the contents of a single folder on your computer. Encryption Plus? Folders Freeware uses the well-known and documented Blowfish algorithm and a 64-bit encryption key. Just enter a password and select a folder to apply secure file encryption to its contents. Each time Windows loads, Encryption Plus? Folders Freeware prompts you for its password. When the proper password is supplied, it takes up residence in your system tray and grants access to the contents of the folder. If the program is shut down or the proper password isn't given, the contents of the folder remain encrypted. An added feature lets you easily lock and hide your desktop when you step away from your PC. Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000 compatible.

Full-featured versions of Encryption Plus? Folders are available for purchase in Standard and Enterprise editions.


Folder Guard helps you to keep sensitive files and folders safe and secure on your computer. It's highly configurable and very easy to administer, with excellent documentation readily available. An Explorer-style interface allows you to easily select folders to protect. You can choose to hide the contents of individual folders, tag folders and contents as read-only, or render them unavailable and totally invisible. The features work not only in Explorer, but also in any file dialog in other applications. The main program is protected by an administrative password, and you can assign individual passwords to gain access to protected folders. A separate program is included to let you quickly toggle the protection on and off.
Reviewed on May 17 2000.
Purchase Information: Shareware: Free to try, $49.95 if you decide to keep it.

Hehehe Hi Lee how have you been? Thanks for the kudos. :>)

The Crazy One
MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
You manage this with the policy-editor (POLEDIT.EXE), it's on the windows installation disk, but is not standard installed.
BUT BEWARE.... if you use this program you can even remove the permission to update the registry so that the policy-editor wil also be protected.
If you not sure about using it, copy User.dat and System.dat and remove the hidden and read-only attrib. from this files, so that you can restore them if you have screw-up the registry.
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u can use a software like spytech security or folder guard
to restrict access to given files or folder and even password protect them.

try to download these softwares from  www.softseek.com
Technical_champ, your mention of Folder Guard is a duplicate of one of my suggestions on 6/08.  I will quote another great expert, Emory800,  to express the rest of my objection to your locking this question by giving an answer:

Its common courtesy to provide comments unless you know your answer is the only answer and is 300% correct and is what the questioner is looking for and will fix their problem. Please don't take this personally, (others could let you know before I and not so diplomatically) but I soon realized its teamwork that's used here).
This accomplishes a couple of things:
First: it doesn't lock the question allowing more exposure to other experts allowing a faster fix (many problems require an interactive dialogue to troubleshoot them properly),
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ffaanngg, it's been 9 days since you first asked this question; have  any of the proposed solutions worked?
ffaannggAuthor Commented:
LeeTutor Be cool down ,just only 9 days. Now I still looking for free solution. If noone can answer 300 Pts will gave to you for sure. but your solution is working
MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
Again !!!
for a free solution Use POLEDIT.EXE on the windows installation CD.
(I think it is in the "\tools" directory.)
If you're not hesitant to modify the Registry, here's a page from The Windows Registry Guide that explains how to restrict applications users can run.  I would advise you to back up the registry first:

Technical_champ please quit blocking questions. Other Experts can not see the question when you do
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MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
revering to your last response to Lee_Tutor, I suppose you looking for a free solution...

Use.... POLEDIT..... that is included on the Windows Istallation disk (so it is free)
Try it.... and you see that it works
Based on comments from questioner, comment from LeeTutor accepted as answer.

Thank you
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