How to set an audio file format recording; GSM6.10.

I use VB6.0 to develop an application which allows to create (record) audio file. I would like to use the format for recording; GSM6.10, 11025Hz, monaural. Could you tell me how to do coding? Please give me an sample code if someone have.
I know that there is sample program in Visual Studio disk in unsuport folder...but....
I think 200 points worth that...
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sridhar_PJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi gargjapan,
I got some more example progs for u.
download this code. It is a zip file.

Try this code.
It is a complete app for recording.

Hope this helps u
gargjapanAuthor Commented:
Hi Sridhar,
I don't find any sample related to GSM6.10 format.
Any other help..
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>>This component can play and record wave streams. It can also compress and decompress wave streams in real time using the installed ACM codec on Windows 95/98, GSM 6.1, IMA ADPCM, Microsoft ADPCM, CCITT, and so on.<<
gargjapanAuthor Commented:
Hi Sridhar,
I download those samples, I tried to do with WAVEIN API.
what I know that only way to do, using an WAVEIN API.
Some one told me that it is not possible to do it in VB.

Those sample using an Control made in Delphi.

I also check it the Visual Studio DISK3 voice chat samples in unsupport folder.
Tried to do with that also but unsuccesful.
I don't want to use C only VB.
Any more help.
Thanks for you help in advance.
You right, There is no way you can do it in VB.
Is anybody think that I'm wrong, Please prove me.
gargjapanAuthor Commented:
Is there anyone who can help me out? ARK, I'm expecting  that you might able to help me out.
Dear gar

I have checked all the sites for u. But for ur specification nothing is there.
But this link
which i gave it to u has the selection. But still not your requirment. If another experts give any solution it is well and good.
gargjapanAuthor Commented:
Dear Sridhar,
Thanks for your all help, I gone through all the audio sample from but none of them helped me out.
I'm waiting a solution from other expert.
Let's see.
Valliappan ANSenior Tech ConsultantCommented:
Not sure, it helps, but it has some information about this:

Valliappan ANSenior Tech ConsultantCommented:
Also this, has link has links for vendors:

Take a look at

Tons of info about GSM 6.10 (including samples and controls)

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