How to send strings over TCP/IP


I'm very new to Java. I usually program in VB 5/6 and have reasonable experience with JavaScript. I have borland Java builder 4.

I need to write a Java application on run on Win NT. The application must send commands, and some data, using TCP/IP to a VB application that is listening on a certain port/sockets. The commands and data should be controlled by buttons on a form. EG press this button to send 'This String' and 'This data'.

Please could you supply me with some sample code to load a form, connect to an IP address and port, then send the commands and data.

Thanks in advance,

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sghosh092199Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Here is a sample code that illustrates how an inout string can be sent from a Java application over TCP/IP.

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

public class FormConnect implements ActionListener

Button button = new Button("Send It");
TextField text = new TextField(10);
Socket socket;
PrintWriter out;

public void doConnect() throws Exception

// It uses port 9000 on the local host. It should be
//replaced by IP address and port of the receiving VB

socket = new Socket("localhost", 9000);
out = new PrintWriter(new BufferedOutputStream(socket.getOutputStream()));
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae)
if (ae.getSource() == button )

public void doInterface()
Frame frame = new Frame();
frame.setLayout(new FlowLayout());


public static void main(String args[])
FormConnect fc = new FormConnect();


Check how it goes.

Wayne BradneyIndependent ConsultantCommented:

There's a very good socket tutorial with examples on the Sun website:

And for an introduction to GUI programming in Java:

andyknottAuthor Commented:
OK I'll have a go with those examples and let you know how I get on.

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andyknottAuthor Commented:
Hi sghosh,

Thanks for the code. I've got a couple of errors. Probably simple - I find java quite confusing!

Warning #: 908 : check sourcepath; source c:\WINDOWS\jbproject\TCP_IP_Test\src\tcp_ip_test\ cannot be found on sourcepath by appending \ to each sourcepath entry
"": Error #: 475 : class FormConnect is public; must be declared in a file named at line 6, column 8
"": Error #: 360 : unreported exception: java.lang.Exception; must be caught or declared to be thrown at line 48, column 13

What do these errors mean and how do I fix them? Remember I'm using the borland JBuilder 4 environment.

Thanks in advance,

andyknottAuthor Commented:
I just cant fix the exception problem - its driving me crazy!
I defined a class called FormConnect. Check that you save it in a file called

The other exception is probably due to a failed connection.
Check the hostname and port numbers are appropriate.
Hi andyknott,

u can actually use servlet to acomplish the tasks u requested. In fact it will be much simpler, as servlet basically handle much of the TCP/IP tasks quite automatically.

Servlet allow both the remote client Java application and Browser based client to communicate with the remote server.

regards Jo

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andyknottAuthor Commented:
Sorry its been so long,

That project got binned and I forgot about EE.

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