There are two networks (4PC's + NT4 Files server (NOT PDC) on each network)
One of the workstations (Win98) an network 'A' dials network 'B' - everything OK establishes connection & ALL OK.

Problem: After the dialup has been established the workstation cannot see any of its local Network. If the dialup connection is closed - still cannot see anything on the local network.  If the user logs off (START - LOGOFF) and relogs on ALL ok until he dials in again then same happens.

I have tried lmhosts & included all local PC's - NO LUCK

On the dialup properties for the network A to B connection - there is a tap under TCPIP setting "use default gateway on remote connection" - if I un-tick this then the dialup logs on but I can not even ping the remote IP? BUT the local network works fine!!

Question :Is there any way of cancelling a remote gateway after the connection has been dropped as it looks like the workstation is looking at the remote gateway even though its been dropped.

In the network settings for this win98 pc there is a default gateway setup - IP of local NT4 server.

Any clues....

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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With that subnet mask, they are still on the same network.
1.x.x.x =
1.123.x.x =
1.123.1.x =
1.123.100.x =

The "mask" covers the same relative octet of the IP address. You would have to change BOTH network's subnet masks to to keep the current IP addresses.

However, you will have some issues with RAS if that is what you are using for the dial-in. Because you are using a 1.x.x.x class A network, PPP adheres more strictly to the classful masks and will assign a ppp client the appropriate only...this is one of the reasons for using the appropriate class address to start with...

i think you have found the key with the checkbox to use default gateway on remote..
Since everything locally works with this unchecked, you can look at your route tables while dialed up:
c:>route print

Then you can add a new route:
c:>route add mask <ip address of your dialup connection>

Once you have verified this, you can create a batch file with this one line command, and run it once the dial-up connection has been made...
Are the local and remote networks subnetted networks of the same network? like and 255.255.0
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jgeorgiouAuthor Commented:

I will give this a try....

Andyalder - yes the subnets are all on both networks.

That could be a problem if both networks are
10.x.x.x with mask. They need to be separate networks...
jgeorgiouAuthor Commented:
Ok... let me explain further.

Both networks are ip 1.123.x.x  sub

so..... do I change the IP values of 1 network - i.e to 123.1.x.x and keep the same subnet of
Whichever network is the smallest and easier to deal with, I would change to something else - i.e.:
10.1.1.x mask

Changing to 123.1.x.x with mask of is still a class A network, so that would work also..

The best solution is to use the appropriate class address for the appropriate size network. If both networks are under 200 devices, then a class C would be just the right fit. Using the RFC1918 "private" address space of 192.168.x.x mask, you could have one network at 192.168.1.x and the other 192.168.2.x. Makes it simpler all around, and the MS Winsock TCP/IP stack understands classful subnets and it tends to make the network more stable and efficient.
jgeorgiouAuthor Commented:

Yes..... sure makes sense.  I will try this in the next day or so next time I visit the site.

jgeorgiouAuthor Commented:

Ive just dropped a clanger.....

I have given you wrong info... its not the same on both sites!

1st site is 1.123.1.x
2nd site is 1.123.100.x

Both sites subnet

SORRY.....Ive just realised when I picked up the network notes file!!!

jgeorgiouAuthor Commented:

Ok.... Where do I go now.... Changing IP & or Masks is not realy a problem for me (there are only 8Pc's & 2 NT4 servers). Do you recommend I sort this out by using 192.168.1.x mask on network 1...
AND 192.168.2.x mask on network 2 (which has RAS) - will this have any effect on anything else??
Best regards
It's been a couple of hours, lrmoore must be busy.

Yes, that will fix it. An added bonus of changing to those addresses will allow you to access the network on the Internet properly in the future.
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