DEVENV.exe generating Errors??

I'm posting here, because the Interdev board is dead, and I need some help from those who use VID6.

For some reason, the program just crashed and I can't restart. If I do, the error "DEVENV.exe has generated errors and will be closed. Must be restarted." It won't restart.

I've uninstalled, reinstalled 3 times and it's still not working. I've even cleaned some keys in the registry. Uninstalled and reinstalled IIS...nothing.

HELP! What do you think?? Thanks
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dredgeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

i ran into the exact same problem once... for some reason, visual studio stopped working - and it wasn't a virus because i ran anti virus a million times...

finally, i got sick of it. so i formatted my hard drive and started over from scratch. now everything works fine.

of course, this is an extreme solution....
Stupid question, but have you searched for visuses?
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It's not stupid question liebrand.
I've experienced the same thing, and it really made me frustrated till finally it's fixed after I've installed Visual Studio 6 SP 5.

4ad, install your Visual Studio again, and after that install SP 5.
You may download SP 5 from this site:

Hopefully it helps you, since I do know how frustrated it is...

4adAuthor Commented:
I tried both suggestions and installed with SP5, but it still doesn't work.

They're clean installs. I don't understand. ??!!
Hohoho... reformat always the best solution. ^_^

Anyway 4Dad, which of SP5 that you install?
Have you download all the whole package of Visual Studio 5?
what version of windows are you running?
4adAuthor Commented:
I'm running w2k, and installed SP5 off of a cd-rom that I got in the mail from msdn earlier this week. I didn't download any of the visual studio 5. (I think it's like 300MB, and it would take me a week on a 38.6 Kbps modem.

Microsuck knows about the bug. WHY can't they offer a WORKING fix?

I've been trying everything I can think of for 12 hours now...
It may be your VBscript version. Look at this link:
4adAuthor Commented:
I couldn't do anything BUT reformat, again...
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