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I need help with a visual basic program

Posted on 2001-06-08
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-25
is there anybody out there that can help me with a visual basic program? I sure would appreciate it.
Question by:cool_cat_79
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Whats your problem... perhaps we can then help you

Accepted Solution

AndrewDev earned 0 total points
ID: 6168317
We are eager and willing to help. Waiting in anticipation of finding out what you would like us to do. Fire away
Andrew :-)


Author Comment

ID: 6168622
Thank you very much, what is your e-mail address so I can send you what I have if thats okay
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Its normal practice to post the details of your question on Experts Exchange. Having seen your problem I may or may not be able to help. There are many experts who participate with areas of expertise in different areas.

My comment above was to try and intice you to disclose more information so that I could see if I could be of help and encourage other experts to also respond.

Much as I appreciate you awarding me the points before I have even tried to help, I would suggest it is not a very sensible approach.

I don't deserve the points, I will ask Community Support to reopen this question so that you can post your problem / qusetion here. It is not unusual for people to post part written code.


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ID: 6169494
Hi cool cat 79.

Andrew has asked that we open this question back up. Since I can't really do that, I'm returning your 50 points and will ask you to post a new question. Here's what you should do:

1. Post a new question, being specific about what it is you need. If this is a homework assignment, be aware that you may only ask for direction and guidance; you must not ask anyone to "write" your code.

2. Do not accept anyone's comment or answer until you have gotten the information you need or your question is answered.

3. Should you desire, at that time, you can increase points, or split points among one or more experts who have helped you the most.

Any time you have a problem or make a mistake, feel free to post a question at community support at http://www.experts-exchange.com/jsp/qList.jsp?ta=commspt (for zero points) and we'll be glad to help out.

Andrew, as a rule, we don't take points away once they've been awarded, so happy birthday or whatever!

Community Support Moderator
Experts Exchange

Author Comment

ID: 6171025
This is what I need help on
*Adding a text to hold the name of the person getting the loan.
*Adding two new list boxes towards the bottom of the form
    The first holds the name of the person getting this loan
    The second list box holds the total amount Paid.
    When the user presses calculate, add the name to the         1st list box and the total paid to the 2nd list box.
*Add a new command button to delete the currently selected loan out of the bottom 2 list boxes.
*Display a grand total of all the loan amounts under the 2nd list box. Keep the total correct regardless of the loans added or deleted from the list boxes.
*Add code to the click and scroll events of the two list boxes so when you click on an item in the first list, the same item in the 2nd list box is also selected and vise versa.
   Name                                    Total Owed
    Debra Debter                            $67,235.45
    Bobby Broke                             $32,764.55
 I need help with an image of all forms
 A listing of all source code the prgram uses
 $60000 @ 7.00% for 15 Years
 $60000 @ 7.00% for 30 Years
I know this sounds like a school assignment but its not, Its for my Mom's Jewelry Business. I hope you can help me out. I have visual basic 6 on my computer, I hope you can help.                                            Herb

Expert Comment

ID: 6176434
Have a best shot at doing it yourself. Then post a new question with your specific problems. This sound like homework on which there are strict rules on expert-exchane.
Follow the advice of amp and you will get loads of support.

To get you started
Start Visual Basic
Select Standard EXE
On the left of your workspace yo will see the componants available to you, including command button,text and list boxs. Putting the mouse pointer over each one will help you identify it.
When you have found one you want, click on it and drag it on to the form.

Add a command button, a text box and a list box in this way

Double click on the command button and it will open the Command1.click procedure.

In the Command1.click procedure type the following

Private Sub Command1_Click()

List1.AddItem (Text1.Text)

End Sub

Now when you run the program and type a name into the textbox then click the button. The name will appear in the list box.

Hope this helps

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