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Pardon my english.
I don't have any experience in Oracle 8i. I know some MS Access and MS Access SQL. I never use Oracle 8i before. What should I learn first before learning Oracle 8i? I know there is to get oracle server. I can download a free copy of Oracle8i from Oracle website. What is difference between Oracle8 and Oracle8i? Will I learn Oracle forms, reports, etc in Oracle8i? I know Visual Basic, Active Server Pages and bit JAVA. Please advise.

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You can download personal oracle 8i (and personal oracle 8) for Windows 98 machine from (registration is free)

Oracle 8 is without JAVA VIRTUAL MACHINE.

Oracle 8i is with Java Virtual machine as well as next version of 8., various other things useful for Internet are also included in 8i.

i stands for Internet.
vb6vb6Author Commented:
Don't post this as answer. I want the other experts to have an opportunity to give me a few suggestions or comments. I am looking for the good answer to my question. More comments? More suggestions? More ideas?

What should I learn first before learning Oracle 8i?

Learn the basics of RDBMS (Relational DataBase Management Systems). Then read through the Oracle Server Concepts. Understanding the basics makes things much easer as you expand your knowledge.
Any of us could list ten or more books to read, but they may not be right for you. Go down to the local book store and start reading.

What is difference between Oracle8 and Oracle8i?

If you don't understand the Oracle database, pointing out the differences between these two would be meainingless. I have been working with Oracle for more than 8 years and I'm still learning.

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The main difference between 8 and 8i is mostly enhancements --  few exceptions, such as the JVM.
Some typical enhancements include:
 Optimizer (specically CBO, &  query rewrite)
 Materialized views,
 Indexed-Organized Tables,
 Transportable Tablespaces,
 Indexes (Reverse Order,  additions to bitmaps, function based indexes)

There are a ton more --   You can read about them in the oracle manual:  Getting to Know Oracle8i Release 2 (8.1.6)
Part Number A76962-01
(you can down the manual sets from TECHNET.ORACLE.COM)

As far as your question:
Will I learn Oracle forms, reports, etc in Oracle8i?
No -- not unless you download those products and read the manuals for them --  they are seperate products from the database.

What should I learn first?
1)  Learn  standard ANSI SQL   and some relational database concepts.    A good book for this (the best I've ever seen):
An Introduction to Sql: Mastering the Relational Database Language
by Rick F. Van Der Lans
Addison-Wesley Pub Co; ISBN: 0201596180
published 1999

2)  Read the following Oracle manuals:
Oracle8i Concepts Release 2 (8.1.6)
Part Number A76965-01
This will cover all the oracle specifics.

Oracle8i Designing and Tuning for Performance Release 2 (8.1.6)
Part Number A76992-01
This will bring you more into the finer points of the Oracle database.

From this point,  you will have a good start..

Hope this helps & answers your question

when you use Access, it doesn't follow Client/Server standard. So you should choose SQL Server or Oracle. SQL is suitable for small and medium projects, especially for web-based applications, but when using for large projects like in bank, goverment projects you should change to Oracle.
You have to buy books. The first book you need is "Oracle 8i - The complete Reference". You have to learn very good SQL and also to know PL/SQL. The best book I know is Steve's Feuersten "Oracle PL/SQL Programming". After that you have to decide what role would you play in the Oracle world:
- Data Base Administrator (PL/SQL, Principles of Oracle)
- Application Designer and Developer (Design of tables, Oracle orms and Reports)
- Internet Applicaton Development (Java, JBuilder, JSP, ...)
vb6vb6Author Commented:
Is personal Oracle8i free, full version? Is it a trial version? I am going to download it tonight. Where can I find the personal Oracle 8? Is it free downloadable? I know some ASNI SQL and some relational database concepts. I think I should have no problem with using Oracle8i. Will I design the forms, reports, etc in Oracle8? What about Oracle8i? Please advise.
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