MS Flex Grid - Combos & Check Boxes

Dear Experts,

I am using VC++ 6/MFC on Win 98.

I need to know how to (if possible) insert fully functional Check Boxes & Combo Boxes into a MS Flex Grid.

i.e rather than have text displaying data in a cell, have either a check box or combo box there instead.
The combo/check box need to be able to be selectable by the user.


1. I have allocated 75 points for this Question, but will actually allocate 75 points to each task.

i.e if you show me only how to do Combo then I'll give you 75 points, but if you show me how to do both, then I'll give you 150!

2. I need the solution to be fairly simple. If this is not possible without getting into fairly convoluted stuff, then I would rather do something else.

I look forward to your suggestions.

Thanx In Advance

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qocarlosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've nerver used MS Flex Grid because there is a much powerful control, MFC Grid Control, developed by Chris Maunder which does almost everything you could ask to a grid control. Besides, it's easier to use and if you want to add controls to it, there are extensions that will do the job without pain.

Here you can find the control and articles on its usage:

Hope that helps,


jaysonspeerAuthor Commented:
Hi Carlos,

That looks pretty good.

It doesn't appear to do Check Boxes, but I can probably live without it.

I will probably need a couple of days to ensure that I can make the Control work.
Assuming I can, then I will award this Q to you (with an A of course! :-) )

Thanx for your answer.

Hi Jays,

I use VSFlexGrid Pro, it can also do CheckBoxes. But it isn't freeware. You can find an evaluation Version on

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jaysonspeerAuthor Commented:
Hi Carlos,

Heres your points as promised.

Sorry Petra, I had already decided to accept Carlos' answer, but thanx for your input.


Let me know if you have any problem with the grid control

There is another Grid control that supports check boxes:

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