Pull data from access based on what user fills out in ASP form

I want to be able to have users fill out an asp form and then have after hitting submit, I want it to pull the data from my access table (based on what the user enters in the form). I've been able to create a form that lets users enter data and have it save to a table. I also know how to have it display all records, but I want to have it display based on what a user fills out on a form? Anyone know how to do this?  
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weesiongConnect With a Mentor Commented:

>but I want to have it display based on what a user fills out on a form

Maybe this is what you want:

'Your connection string

Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
userid = Request("userid")

SQLStr = "Select * from yourtable where userid ='"&userid&"'"
Rs.Open SQLStr, conn, 1, 3

Wee Siong
Wee is on the right track...what you need to do is create a select statement based on the criteria you want to pull from the db.

Post a follow-up with specific examples from your page if you need more assistance.
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