Points for kneea

Here you go!  Thanks for the idea and suggestions.
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kneeaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you sure you want to give me that many points?

I would suggest you change it to 100.  The answer you accepted was for 200 on the original question.  Mine was not the best answer, but an alternative method.  It would be fairer to the person who gave you the answer.  (You'll also have more points ready for a future question)

btw, I don't know what happened to the other page, but your second comment referring me her appeared AFTER I posted by comment.  Weird.


It would be wise to state the question these points were awarded for otherwise a Community Support Modereratpr may delete this question.
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porearAuthor Commented:
Thats is correct, the points are for the above lised question 20130398.  I had thought that simply requesting Community Support transfer the points would be sufficient but they recommended I post a question.   Thanks for the help.
porearAuthor Commented:
200 is fine.  You put effort into writing up a sample script.  Heck I don't get on here all that often, so the points build back up.  It never hurts to be generous!  Thanks again for the help.
It was only pseudo script - I haven't the time to do anything proper and didn't know what language you like.


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