Secure connection from Germany

I can no longer get any connections to sites that require a secure connection. I get the message 'you are about to view pages over a secure connection' and then nothing happens. The same goes for if I try to go to a secure checkout for inline shopping. I don't think it is necessarily because I am in Germany, as it has worked previously.

Can anyone help ?
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NavidConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is it only one site that you can not secure connect or have tryed many pages and same problem always? Have you been able to secure connect and now can not?
Your IE might be damaged in that case. You can repare it. (will not hurt)
Follow this instruction:
Open Control panel
Open "Add/remove programs"
Find Internet explorer in the list of the installed programs and mark it.
Now choose to uninstall
A question will be asked: If you want to repair or uninstall.
Choose Repair.
That should repair IE if it is damaged.
Do not forget to empty C:\windows\temporary internet files
Try it and tell me how it went..
Hi Frogmella!
What web browse are you using?
For internet explorer:
Open Control Panel
Open internet-alternativ
Tab advanced
Under "Security" Make sure that "activate Profileassictance" and "Use Fortezza" and "Use SSL 3.0" are checked
For Netscape:
Open Edit
Open Preferences
Open "Roaming access"
Choose "Item select"
Check all alternatives but "Java security"
Good luck to you
Go to Internet options in control panel.
Go to the security settings - lower them.

Also go to the advanced tab - click on restore defaults - try again...
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frogmellaAuthor Commented:
Have tried all of the above but no luck I'm afraid.
What web browse are you using? Internet explorer or Netscape?
frogmellaAuthor Commented:
using internet explorer
"..........Do not forget to empty C:\windows\temporary internet files ............"
Very important! Because some cokies between these temporary files might have caused this problem.
Try this option first. Empty temporary internet files before repairing Internet Explorer and if still same problem, try to repair it.
One thing is for sure. This problem is not because you are from Germany! If a site doese not want to give access to a nationality, they always add error messages like "Access denied because you are from Germany" or something like that. So something should happen!
Notice: Repairing Internet Explorer will not damage or change any settings in Internet Explorer even if the program is not damaged.
frogmellaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Navid, thats done the trick.

Didn't know I could repair IE like that.

Glad I could help.. By the way I am not far from you.. I am from Sweden.
Come back if you had any new problems.
Have a nice week end..
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