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Tried to install a soundcard on a machine but in devicemanager I have an error on Multimedia Audio Controller.I think this is part of 2K and not installed when adding the Soundcard,consequently i dont know where the drivers for this are located can anyone help?
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AvonWyssConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the SB128 PCI driver, it will work just fine.
What make/model of sound card is it?  It MUST be support under Windows 2000 and not all cards are.  Especially older cards.

If it's not detected by W2K when you put it in, it most likely is not supported by Microsoft.  The card's manufacturer may have W2K drivers for it but you'll need to check out them for an answer.
GiddyAuthor Commented:
Its a creative Labs SoundBlaster PCI16... Win2k never picked it up??


where it says:

"'m sorry, but there are no files are available for Sound Blaster 16 PCI under Windows 2000."

Time to get an upgraded sound card.
GiddyAuthor Commented:
Cheers AvonWyss... got my sound working now
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